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I like reading, writing and drawing, although I'm not the best at writing these stories. The dragon is my favorite creature. I'm apparently a rabbit because of the year I was born. Wish I was Dragon..


Fluttershy has a delicate situation. She has been fussed over by a certain stallion, yet another colt is after her as well. Soarin and Big Macintosh are competing fiercely for Fluttershy's affection. The yellow filly doesn't know what to do; the two stallions aren't consulting her for the decision, but it wouldn't matter either way, as she doesn't have a clue which stallion she'll choose.

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That was pretty good. I hope you continue this. :pinkiehappy:

1964239 Thank you! I know, my topic switching and time things are a bit (very) choppy, but I'll improve! I'm glad you like it, because this is my first MLP fanfiction, and I'm excited to see what people think. :twilightblush:

Ohh so enjoyable! :raritywink:I like where this story is going already i cant wait to see what other twists are in store. well done =D bro-hoof*

I cant stand waiting! I want to know what direction it'll take no rush though just excited :raritystarry:

1967300 *Returns brohoof* Thanks! I thoroughly enjoyed writing it in one day. OwO I sent myself into a laugh attack multiple times... I'll try to have the next chapter up by the end of this weekend, hopefully sooner! :pinkiehappy: And trust me, there are a few twists you won't be expecting. :ajsmug: :duck:

Looking forward to seeing where this goes :pinkiehappy: rooting for :yay::heart::eeyup: but I control nothing.

1967399 Trust me, I'm looking forward to it too! :twilightsheepish: Thanks, but I won't spoil anything! :ajsmug: Working on the next one right now.

I'm glad you like it so much! :pinkiehappy:

So either a FlutterMac or a SoarinShy :rainbowhuh: this could get interesting:ajsmug:

1972617 FlutterLane? :rainbowhuh: The only stallions I've shown are Mac and Soarin. I have Thunder Lane in the character list because the guys seek advice from him separately, so he's pretty involved in the plot line. Sorry if I confused you or anything! :twilightoops:

1972665 It was my fault, I misread the discription:facehoof:

So Fluttershy wants him to touch her wing... :rainbowwild: and I guess Soarin' and Dash aren't involved in this story, just friends. Anything more than that and this would become a very tangled web.

You could say that... :ajsmug: And no, sadly, they are not in this story. :moustache:

I'm Rooting for :eeyup::heart::yay: to.

Every time Fluttershy Or Mac ends up with somepony else My heart dies a little </3:fluttercry:


I ship them too; I'm also usually a SoarinDash. But this story isn't about my interests, I want to entertain my audience with twist and turns and difficolt decisions. :ajsmug: See what I did there? Yeah. I went there. :moustache:


Soarin: Hurr hurr Imma perv.


Comment posted by HeatherBlossom deleted Jan 19th, 2013

Haha loving the humorous additions, and so far this is my first story ive found of two stallions having this silent battle for the same pony. Cant wait to see where this goes from here. :raritywink:
Ohh and for all those who are reading this interesting story unfold question time: who thinks that the authors choice of fluttershy to have two stallions after here was a perfect choice based on fluttershy's shy personality imposing a great inner conflict to the stories plot?? who would say that was a brilliant idea.. :duck:

haha that you have cuz tbh with my favorite stories being the romance or the romance/comedies, lately its been mostly mare dating mare so its great to see some mare to stallion stories. Was starting to question somethings...... lol im sure u get the point. :duck:

anyhow great story cant wait for more. :raritywink:

ROOTING FOR :yay::heart::eeyup:!

Yeah Soarin' JUST for the plot...:unsuresweetie:

well well, things are getting very detailed indeed. :raritywink:I love this whole plot theme you have going. Its a classic easily relate-able story that always draws attention to this foreshadowing the reader envisions of who will finally be with who and why.

This chapters a good addition to the story; :ajsmug:A few more chapters as well written as this in the future could lead to a beautiful classic romance.

Ohh as simply a suggestion;:moustache:
Might I say that if you wanted to I think after you use this plot all the way to the end you could even spice this classic story up(possibly attracting much wider audiences interest) by including later on events or evil antagonist characters to put the 3 main characters in your story in more concerning, disruptive, action oriented, or any other thousands of conspiracy plot twist situations to give this original story idea more flavor and depth. Hope that this paragraph made sense to you. Love your story keep rocking this idea. Peace :twilightsmile:

Bad idea, mac, you should've listened to him.

Wow,:heart: I love your approaching action in this story. Very believable. :raritywink:

This kind of scene happens all too often even in the real world and leads to very forcible and awkward situations. I can only hope things go as smoothly as ponyly(hehe yes I went there) :rainbowlaugh: possible. Very impressed with this chapter. :twilightsmile:


It says Thunderlane in the short description and Soarin inside am I delusional or is this a bit more than I think I could understand

4134383 Oh, what? Has that slipped by me for this long? Jeez, I apologize. I'll go fix that right now. XD

Wow. That is interesting. I think Fluttershy needs to talk to Rarity and Mac with AppleJack. I hope everything turns out alright in the end.

Well I recommend that you have Apple Jack give Mac some advice. Also have Rarity help Fluttershy out. I think she would be great. Your doing well. Just keep on writing.

4141144 Thanks! I was considering the possibility of advice being given aside from Thunder Lane's.

2601640 Late responses, away!

Sorry for the long, long wait but I couldn't access the site anymore at any point up to a little while ago.

I'm glad you like it, though! I remember that time ago when I was initially writing these chapters I was always looking forward to receiving the positive feedback such as yours. :twilightsmile:

Good job with this chapter. I liked how fluttershy talked in her sleep. I can't wait for the next chapter. The audience needs to know soon, about thunderlanes and Fluttershy's past. Or is there is one, you need to reference it a bit more. Best of luck.

4147818 Thanks! And yes, there's a whole plot to Thunder Lane knowing a lot about Fluttershy and stuff. :rainbowwild:

Nice job including Rarity and How Twilight feels about this situation. I think I understand where this story is going. Best of luck with the next chapter. I will be waiting for it.

I think that big mac should win and that sorin ultimately falls rainbow

4159356 Tanks dood! :rainbowwild:

I will definitely be working on it. This story is nearing an end, maybe a couple more chapters. :twilightsmile:

Hey. Don't worry. You're doing great! I've only read two fics so far about stallions competing for Fluttershy's heart. This is one of them.
I better keep reading! :pinkiehappy:
Oh, and have a fav. :pinkiehappy:


As does mine.

Although I am a fan of SoarinShy, I don't love it quite as much as I love Fluttermac. :eeyup::heart::yay: forever!

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