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When canon cracks · 12:25am Dec 14th, 2012

Everyone else gets to post these, I can too!

So, everyone has seen discussions about the age of the mane six, right? People (dumb people) tried to "scientifically" determine that AJ was in her mid thirties at some point. Yeah, I know. We've got a few different WoF posts about her vision, which puts them physically as young adults, but mentally a big younger.

You'll note that horses are "adults" at 2 or so. That means they can have foals, but they don't stop growing until 5 or so (can't ride 'em until they're done growing or you screw 'em up). So that puts them all over the age of 5 or so, if you use horseages. So 2 is a bit like 12-13 in humans.

Okay, hold onto your hats.

Look at Cutie Mark Chronicles. It's obvious that Flutters is older than Dash (and everyone). Similarly, Dash looks smaller than the two dudes (who look smaller than Fluttershy), they have cutie marks, and she was first in her class to get one. Dash is two years min younger than 'Shy. Let's bump it to three. That makes Dash in a lower class than Hoops AND a prodigy flyer. It makes Fluttershy a year behind for her age (at least).

Fluttershy "obviously" had something traumatic happen to make her such a nervous wreck.

Dash has never mentioned parents.

What if Fluttershy got teen-pregnant? What if she had to give up her foal 'cause she was fricken 3 when she had it?

Obviously, Fluttershy is Dash's mom.

Yes, FlutterDash is incest now.

Scotch is a helluva drink

>Auntie Pinkie Pie

Just sayin'

Don't take this seriously

Report kits · 2,404 views ·
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Comments ( 75 )

This is now canon

Oh jeebus... the thoughts... the thoughts, Kits. Why you do this?

I always put them at around 21 - 25 Living on their own and what not.

Wanderer D

You fool! What have you started?! :pinkiecrazy: :yay:

Or maybe :scootangel: is... :fluttershysad:'s kid?

I think image linking is broken.
Just imagine me flipping a table...


That's all there is to say, really.

Headcanon confirmed... you bastard.

my head hurts a bit…

Why yes Scotch is a helluva drink


Inkie is Fluttershy's mom, Rarity is Sweetie Belle's mom, Magnum is actually Sweetie's uncle, and Derpy is a grade-schooler like her daughter Dinky. Am I doing it right?

I have a story where Fluttershy got a teen pregnancy. In that story, she stopped being shy when she got to her teenage years, the reason being that she was the prettiest filly in the class. She ended up sleeping around a lot, and at one point she got pregnant. She had it aborted, and the decision haunts her well into her adult years, which manifests itself as her being painfully shy.

The end times.

Because it makes W&W/OS hotter or weirder depending on your views.


YOU! :rainbowderp:

Irrefutable logic... now Flutter's secret is out :fluttercry:

Kits, you cray-cray. The only time they ever mention age in the show (afaik), is in a conversation between Dash and Fluttershy. In which Fluts says " Um, I'm a year older than you." Though i suppose you could rationalize this as FS trying to hide all this from Rainbow.

Oh my. And to think that all the pieces were hidden in plain sight all along dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_TwilightWut.png

That's Pinkie and Fluttershy~
>Auntie Pinkie Pie...
>I'm a year older than you

Dangit, I was about to post that! :flutterrage:

that just means that Scootaloo gained a REAL (half)sister.


Damn, your right... I don't know exactly what card it is, but i'm sure i have something that needs to be revoked.:ajsleepy:

My me. You have broke it.

Carry On

608497 And naturally Scootaloo is Apple Bloom's grandpappy.

Site Blogger


They aren't horses. They don't act like horses, they don't do things horses do, and they do things real horses could never do.

I don't accept them as horses. It also means that they'd be dead at 30. I don't accept them as horses because then I'd have to accept these damn estrus "Pony in Heat" tropes that either use the cast as sex slaves or put them through sexual Hell for shits and giggles.

Real horses don't sit like that, eat that, throw up, sleep like that, and can't lift their heads forelegs over their heads.

Real horses are mindless animals that act according to instinct.

These are not horses. They are people. They are merely horse-like.

Ms. Faust's words are merely "Word of God", not canon.

Good day.

Well it is entirely possible for an aunt to be younger than you.

So W&WS was mother - daughter, aunt - niece, grand-aunt - grand-niece 3way incest? Between 5-7 year-olds?


Too old?

not sure if read the whole thing or not >.>

Why does this make me like FlutterDash even more now? :trollestia:

Okay. Fluttershy being Rainbow Dash's mom I can buy for strange comedic purposes. But that leaves one big question unanswered: who's Fluttershy's babydaddy?

I hit "Add Comment" before I could add my image macros and now it looks like I was taking it seriously and there aren't any "Modify Comment" buttons anymore and now I look like a jerk! Why, Kits, why!?:fluttercry:

Naw. I just remember a certain other conversation about a certain other 'comedic' fic dealing with adult issues and the blog post that followed it and worried I hit a button.

I mean.

you poopy head :C

edit: I have edit comment button. It's a pencil between delete and quote.

Only shows up on mouseover. Upper right corner.

Author Interviewer

this are seriest jurnle


I r srs pone
thsi r srs pone thread

Wat da heeelllll kits?
Where do you formulate these theories?

Wait a minute... This... this doesn't sound right at all! D:


You know, I think I might have already read that fanfic. Not the 'Fluttershy is Dash's mom' part, but the 'Fluttershy bangs Discord in the hedge maze definitely sounds familiar. I guess it's either that or have Spitfire be Fluttershy's cross-dressing rapist stepmom who would abuse her between shows which is why she's scared of flying.

…Have you ever had one of those moments where you looked back and wondered just where the last half-hour went so horribly, terribly wrong?

Obvious? Just 'cuz she's taller than Dash doesn't mean she's older. There are people that are younger than me and taller.:rainbow wild: Yeah, I know it's a joke but ponies always say that she is because of that. We shouldn't really care in the end.

It occurs that shippings within each tribe of the mane 6 tend to not "fit." Sure, the biology makes more sense, but the personalities and lifestyles? Each comes from a different walk of life, but they're just similar enough to clash. e.g: Flutterdash: (incest aside) they both have a really hard time expressing themselves. Twirity: no common interests, and they're both busy all the time. Applepie: Least-nonsense + most nonsense = 0

I... well I don't buy that last part, but everything else I can dig. Though honestly I don't try to think too hard about ages.


Kits, wat are you doing? STAHP!

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