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Thanks for the insight! And glad that you thought the Garble bit was fun, his parts are the most nerve racking to write, mostly he is not well liked to put it mildly.


I don't really read ponyfics much the past couple of years, but I liked the high fantasy concept of it, and I certainly won't say no to Fluttercord.

I've only read the first four chapters so far but the first chapter caught my attention and the Garble chapter was a fun read too, it's quite the interesting cast you're using, not the standard lot of characters so I'm kind of excited to see where this story goes.

That's kind of it sadly, I'm not sure I could list anything of much use to you other than I think it's a really interesting fic idea and I've enjoyed it thus far so I hit the favourite button, I'm not particularly strict on my use of such buttons.

Thanks for the favorite on Psalm of the Druid Priestess! Mind if I ask what you liked about it?

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