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Stories about families, friends, the past, the present, the future, the science of magic and the magic of science.


Sprig felt safe and happy. Everything was fine with Mom, Dad, Sis and Gramps, and even with his grumpy cousin and her father, even though they lived in the Everfree forest, and danger was all around them. Yes, everything was just great, until...

This story is an entry in the Halloween in April Horror contest with the Barcast. You were warned.
Also entered in the April Write-off:https://www.fimfiction.net/group/214288/folder/70810/write-off-entries-nightmare-night-in-april-2020

Thanks to Totallynotabrony and Nevina for editing, and artwork based on an image from Zee’s Workshop.

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Comments ( 7 )

I suspected the twist early into the story, but this was still a chilling bit of xenofiction. Excellent work... though apparently there's more? That or you didn't mark it Complete. Either way, again, fine work. Best of luck in the contest.

I added it to the contest folder

You need to link to the contest announcement in the description for it to be judged.

Fixed. I forgot to update it after I went through the editing phase.


Fixed - I think. Is the link in the description the one required?

I think so, but it’s anonpencil’s rule. I put a link to the announcement in the Barcast forum itself in my own story just to be safe.

Thank you for submitting this. Looking forward to reading it!

This story was reviewed by Estee, an author I truly admire and whose work I very much enjoy reading. Click here and scroll down to the fifth story review. Despite the name of the blog, Estee really digs deep into what makes this a horror story, and in the process dishes out great advice on how to think as an author and how to write intelligently.

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