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Hearth's Warming Eve is that really special time of year when families get together and celebrate what it means to be close to somepony’s heart. And every year, Minuette keeps showing up in Ponyville just before Hearth's Warming Eve. Why?

This story is my contribution to the Jinglemas Collab Project for ChappedPenguinLips. Artwork is a combination of items sourced from MrLOLcats17, Vector Brony and 90Sigma.

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There's a lot of cool little worldbuilding moments here, such as the historical discussions and inside jokes among friends.

But it only confirms what I've said for a long time: Twilight is actually a terrible friend. How could she not know about the family or lack thereof of one of her oldest friends?

By them never talking about it?

Also, I fail to see how a fanfic can confirm anything.

I had to do some homework on Minuette as I didn’t know much about her other than the wedding ang and Twilight’s sudden desire to get reacquainted. I was surprised at some of the stuff she’s been up to as a background character!

It’s long been my pet theory that sending Twilight to Ponyville to study friendship was Celestia’s last ditch effort to prevent her from permanently retreating into herself, just as Moon Dancer did, or worse go rogue like Sunset Shimmer.

Ponies would forget you [Lyra] even exist!”

ISWYDT. :pinkiehappy:

I've said it elsewhere, but Amending Fences makes a rewatch of everything that comes before it very interesting. Before it, you might have thought she lived in Ponyville, but now that you know she just visits, seeing what she visits for is an eye-opener.

One of the thoughts that go through my mind when I think of the scene where Twilight is looking for a friendship problem, and she passes right behind Minuette, who's busy smiling at the top of a house:
"Reconnect with a friend I left behind in Canterlot? ... Nah, I'll leave doing that for Season 5!"




It’s amazing how many times their paths have crossed without Twilight ever noticing. Thankfully (I guess) for Minuette’s ego, she was certainly very familiar with how oblivious and OCD Twilight can be!

That was lovely.

But didn't Moon Dancer not retreat until after Twilight failed to attend her party?

Amending Fences really made Twilight seem like she is still pretty bad at a lot of aspects of the friendship thing. I prefer to think there were alternate explanations, such as in Fervidor's "The Incidental Pony".


But didn't Moon Dancer not retreat until after Twilight failed to attend her party?

You’re right, but I meant the effect and not the cause.

And I really liked Fervidor’s “Incidental Pony” as well!

I kinda thought that the party was the last straw for an already reserved and antisocial Moon Dancer. If her best friend Twilight doesn't show up, why would anyone else? After that, why bother trying to have friends, when they'll just ignore you?

That's just my head-canon though.

There’s a lot of room for interpretation - which is where head-cannon comes from!

Is the Other tag for Colgate, which is the fanon name of Minuette? If so, please add the Colgate tag or ask for Minuette to be added. Maybe Knighty could merge the two or something.

Yes indeed! Thanks for the suggestion.

That was a great story! I absolutely loved how you wove it all together and how the revel near the end brought it all together. It was nice to see a story that includes some of Twilights old friends. Great job!

I’m glad you enjoyed it!


That was sweet.

But what happened to her luggage?

It had a wonderful Hearth's Warming Eve with the other unclaimed luggage at Canterlot Central Station! :pinkiehappy:

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