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This was ridiculously cute :heart: It was quite Sonata most of the way through, but that last card made it delightfully Sonata.

Thanks for writing this, it was a lovely read :twilightsmile:

“Shorten it, nerd.”

To paraphrase Milhouse: 'She's not a nerd... nerds are smart.'

Sonata has many things going for her, but not so much that one in my estimation.

This was fun, and even if I had Sonata's clear fortune telling talents, I wouldn't have seen that ending coming. Thanks for writing!

If a thought ever entered her vacuous head, it just as quickly died from solitary confinement.

I laughed longer than I should have at that.

This was very cute! I do like seeing stories where the Sirens are at least nice to each other.

This is full of things that I love. I had a good time. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks! She's a blast to write!

Thanks! Sonata's definitely lacking formal education, but she's got an amazing set of street smarts.

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for giving it a read!

I so love that you subverted it at the end :rainbowlaugh:

Good job!

Hee! Glad you enjoyed it!

This was an adorable little adventure! :heart:

That is an impressive trick. Creating a card that looks enough like the others is easy enough to figure out. Being certain that it's the one that is drawn at the right time is difficult. More so since Aria was the one who did the shuffling.


This makes me want to get a tarot card reading.

Of course I'd explain/justify every card I draw in the weirdest and most ridiculously indirect or convoluted way possible.


Now I just really want a tarot deck.

They're pretty interesting once you get into them. I'm was even fortunate to get a MLP one I picked up at a con. This is NOT that deck, but a pretty cool take on it, and sadly never made physical. :ajsleepy:

I made it two paragraphs in before laughing like an idiot. Thanks.

I still like my interpretation of the reading for this, Ebon. :rainbowlaugh:

This was incredibly cute Ebon, I loved it.

I wasn't expecting something, but not what turned up. A good story :)

I've reviewed your story HERE!

I don't think I've seen an Aria Blaze fic I liked in quite a while, and this one nailed her personality. Great stuff - I definitely got more than a few chuckles from it.

Glad you liked it!

You deserve a Number Twenty-five!

I was snickering almost the entire time. Now even more curious as to your vision of their background. Nicely done indeee.

It's nice to see the Sirens when they're not causing and absorbing people's negative energy.

Now I want ice cream, though.

Keep up the good work. :)

For a moment, she remembered another tent, another camp, and another fortune cast long ago. The rattle of bones replaced the riffling of cards, and she could almost feel the Phrygian night wind buffeting the canvas.

I love stories that remember that the sirens spent untold years on Earth.

In any case, brilliant work, from the contrast of attitude and atmosphere to the reveal of the twenty-third Major Arcanum. Thank you for this.

Amazingly adorable!

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