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The Sirens were defeated at the Battle of the bands, something that seemed impossible to them.

So what did they do after running off?

This was written based on a prompt from Ebon Quill, who wanted to see inner monologues of the Sirens post Battle.

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Huh. I quite like this. It feels somewhat unfinished, but still a succinct and effective read. Thanks for writing it!

I like this idea conceptually, but I think you aimed too low. You definitely could've gotten a solid 1 to 2.5K out of each of these three. Currently, it just feels like nothing really goes on. I do like how you handled Aria. I like the idea that, in a way, she's weaker than the other two. It would've been a good use of her character if you explored the dichotomy between her rage and her weakness in more detail.

This definitely wasn't a bad fic, but a couple hundred words per chapter is what's keeping this as an alright story, rather than a good or a great one.


You make a good point. More on this later.

I, on the other hand, appreciate profoundness through brevity, and was pleasantly surprised here. Usually I'm rather unimpressed by drabbles (to be honest I can't stand them), but this one made the words count, I feel.

Opinions! :rainbowlaugh: (No, I didn't downvote that other comment, it was like that when I got here. :P)

Sonata is by far my favorite one. The other ones are good and all but I got what I expected with them. Didn't expect 'nata to be self-aware, however, so seeing her as such here sparks my own imagination with regards as to how to write her.

I feel the need to reiterate that I didn't dislike this story. I don't want that to be what people take away from what I said. I don't think this story is bad. I just think it didn't quite live up to its potential.

Just to be clear.

I know. I intend to tie this into my story Raison d’Etre eventuality.

I like it. I like it and I want more.

Wow. Another grear one, Allykitty. Immediate reactions after Battle of the Bands too. Honestly, this feels like it could fit right into your Homecoming universe. Also glad you're off Hiatus. Now I can read more!

Contracts are the noose by which humans hang themselves.

Very impressively written. :pinkiehappy:

This is very short, but perfectly captures how I think the sirens would react. Nice work! :twilightsmile:

I can totally see Aria doing this.

Really great story, I love how we see each of them react, keep up the great work! :pinkiehappy:

Damn. Just. Damn. I wanna see what happens next!

This ties loosely into Raison d’Etre. Sort of a spiritual predecessor in a way.

I'll give it a look-see. Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

I bent over, panting. We had raced away from the stage as fast as we could. I was simply furious! Those…those children had taken our wonderful victory and thrown it down in ruins! And destroyed our Songs as well! The rage in my chest was being rapidly overtaken by another feeling, however.

Well you had it coming all along.

“We don't need them to feed,” I said shakily. “It just makes it easier. We need to stay calm. We’ll go grab the shards after everyone leaves the arena. Maybe they can be fixed.”

Good luck doing that, it'll be impossible.

This is all your fault. You did this to them with your leadership. You brought them down with your arrogance.

Yep, it really is. 😠

“To collect what shards I can find,” I rasped. “Maybe there’s enough residual enchantment that we at least won’t starve.”

Yeah, that seems very unlikely.

But Adagio was coming towards me, worried for my well-being. I felt her hand take mine and I squeezed weakly. The place where my hunger once rested began to feel more and more like an abcess, a weeping wound that would fester before it got any better.

She. Is the losing her energy and strength. :fluttershysad:

“We need to move,” she whispered. “Get back to shelter and prepare whatever we have in the event something else goes wrong.”

Yep, they're on their own now.

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