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A Wondercolt is in a coma after disappearing at a party, and all the evidence points to the Shadowbolts. However, a mad genius from Everton Independent Study believes that something far more sinister is afoot. Can she and her friends solve this mystery before the bridges built at the Friendship Games burn down completely?

Special Thanks

The Albinocorn - Tag. You're it. Mermaid Sunny when?

Gleaming Penny - This would not be possible without your help. Thank you

Heartshine - Thank you for helping me stay grounded in my genres.

The Attic Dwellers - Thanks for everything. Especially the Latin. Moony’s right, Latin’s the worst.

The Abyssal Voices - Always appreciated, folks. Thanks for being you, and putting up with my endless revision questions.

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Sonata gives Aria a tarot reading, as best she can.

Cover by Sam Rose, layout by Jay.

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New student Lemon Hearts has come to Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns to begin again. Thanks to a kind stallion named Green Fields and the careful tutelage of Sunset Shimmer, Lemon Hearts is going to do what no first-year student has done before.

She’s going to be a Princess.
Historian’s Note:
Set in Novel Idea’s Wavelengths timeline, wherein the Sonic Rainboom didn’t happen, the events of Little Truths occur eighteen months before The Alchemy of Chemistry, during Sunset Shimmer’s third year.
Cast: Lemon Hearts, Sunset Shimmer, Green Fields
Guest Stars: Raspberry Tart, Dean Silver Slate, Minuette, and Twinkleshine
Third-Place Finisher for FanOfMostEverything’s Imposing Sovereigns contest!
Featured on EQD on April 11th, 2017!

Cover art by Novel Idea
Sunset Shimmer art by Karzahnii
Beta Reader Credits
Novel Idea, who inspired both entry and submission
Beltorn, who waited patiently
Little Tinker, who could give ninja lessons

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A jaded detective investigating a bizarre multiple foalnapping uncovers a dangerous fugitive. To bring the culprit down and rescue the foals, she'll have to brave the dizzying heights of the magitech corporations, race the dawn, and stop the rebirth of a fallen dynasty.

Is there any kindness remaining in this brave, new Equestria?
Winner of the Twilight Sparkle award for Everfree Northwest's Scribblefest 2017.
Editing and Pre-Reader Credits
Novel Idea, who is the reason I'm here.
Beltorn, who knows what he did.
Little Tinker, who brings unique perspective
Furled Scroll, who has my eternal thanks
The Bearsong Pack, for their patience and understanding
Cover art by Droakir
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