• Published 21st Mar 2017
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Little Truths - EbonQuill

No first-year student has ever been crowned the Autumn Liege at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. Lemon Hearts is going to change that, with a little help from Sunset Shimmer.

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“How dearly we cling to pretty deceit.”

- Poison Pen

They met again the following week in the usual classroom. Lemon Hearts took her seat, and laid her books out. The leaves had all turned brown and were beginning to fall on their own.

I should organize a Running of the Leaves on campus before somepony beats me to it. That might push me over the top…

Over the last few weeks since Raspberry Tart’s suspension, Lemon Hearts and Sunset Shimmer had been almost neck and neck. The dean’s office had to add additional decimals to the tracking boards to distinguish them, which amused her friends to no end.

Which was nice, but when Sunset had pointed that out…

When the one and only apprentice to the Princess mentioned it…

… Gosh.

She walked around the familiar classroom, spinning the globe idly as she passed it. It's comforting squeak centered her thoughts on the task at hoof: Equestrian History. She'd almost aced the practice midterm, only missing a few questions about the establishment of the Solar Court, and the noble houses of Equestria.

And Sunset knew those like her own cutie mark.

Outside, she watched a group of students setting up for a hoofball match. It appeared to be a scrimmage between the CSGU Sunflares against a motley crew of first- and second-years led by Green Fields.

He was so nice to the younger students. When some bully tried to take advantage of one of her classmates, it had been Green Fields who had come to their rescue. Clever enough to banter with the venom-tongued scions of nobility, strong enough to stand up to the more physical types of intimidation, and magically talented enough to counter some of the more pernicious pranks planned by the magic-using bullies.

Lemon had never had much trouble with them. The secret was to make yourself look strong, and, thanks to her tutelage by Sunset, she had that in spades.

Green Fields bucked the hard rubber ball towards his teammate, who had very little trouble landing it in the goal with a swish of her tail. They were up 3-2. As he cheered, Lemon could see the sun glinting off of his muscled body.

Mm. If I win the Autumn Liege crown, do you think he'd notice me?

She’d never forgotten the powerful stallion who'd taken time to help her at the beginning of the year. Before she knew how cutthroat competition at CSGU was, she merely thought of it as a polite gesture. Now…

Now, I know how much he cares about other ponies, to risk himself like that all the time. He's a great—

“Sorry I'm late, Lemon!” The classroom door banged shut behind her as Sunset entered. “Change of plans! You would not believe how much stuff they keep in those storage closets!”

Lemon started at the sudden noise, and crossed the room back towards Sunset. Sunset was carrying several large objects, each a completely different form and material than the next.

Alteration practice!

Sunset noticed her glee, and held up a hoof. “Easy there, Lemon. You're forgetting something.”

Lemon Hearts sat back on her haunches, nonplussed.

“Where's my hug, you goof?” Sunset asked in mock irritation.

Lemon felt her muzzle break into a grin as she cantered forward. She gave Sunset a brief nuzzle with a tinkle of laughter.

“That's better. Now…” Sunset set up the Alteration thoughtforms around the room, and sat down with a puff. “Those are a lot heavier than they look. Okay. Let’s get started!”

Lemon riffled through the texts, finding the necessary transition points for each material. She had just started to channel her magic, when Sunset spoke.

“What do you think about Green Fields, Lemon?”

This jarred her enough that her harmonic rhythm became a telekinetic thrust. A coral structure of a merpony toppled over as Lemon barked a curse. She turned to see a small smile on Sunset's face.

“He’s uh, he’s—” She felt herself flush with embarrassment. “Uh.”

Sunset nodded sagely. “I thought you might say that.”

“But I didn’t say anything.”

“No? Body language, Lemon. Remind me to add that to our Psychology sessions.”


“Cel— The Princess wants me to start working on something special for the Grand Galloping Gala, and I won’t have as much time to spend with you. I’d like to focus on Alteration and Psych, since that’s where you’re having the most difficulty. That leaves Equestrian History, which, as you recall….”

Lemon Hearts began to glow, her yellow coat now a rich orange.

“I’ll let him know. And, if you manage to get all eight major forms done today, who knows? I might put in a good word or two for you.”

Lemon felt her mouth drop in surprise.

Sunset flicked her mouth closed with her tail. “Now get to it, nerd,” she said, playfully.

So Lemon did.

With gusto.