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Sassaflash works at the Cloudsdale Weather Factory's electricity division. Her job is very dangerous: she must harness the power of lightning bolts and zap their energy through a machine that draws out even more of that power. Best of all, she has a pretty good position as Electricity Production Supervisor and gets a good 45 bits a day.

But lately, something mysterious has happened at the factory. All of the machines in the electric division have been stolen from another pony. All hooves point to Sassaflash and her five friends Medley, Dizzy Twister, Cloud Kicker, Cloudchaser, and Flitter as the culprits because they all have pretty good positions in the Cloudsdale Weather Factory.

Determined to prove they're wrong and to clear their names, the six pegasi set out on a quest to find the real culprit. However, if they don't hurry up soon, Ponyville and potentially all of Equestria could lose power forever...

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 4 )

This is quite the amazing story.
I am excited to see what happens next!

Awesome chapter, I'm just gonna correct a mistake I caught.

Cloudchaser suggested. "They've got the best food ever there!"

There is not needed. Just 'the best food ever!' would work.

"I say!" Fleur Dis Lee spoke.


I've reviewed the beginning of the story for the Goodfic Bin. Due to flaws in how the story is told, I'm afraid I have to reject it for now.

I hate to recite mantra at people, but there really is a serious case of telling as opposed to showing, here, and it makes for very drab reading, which is a shame, because the content is genuinely interesting, at least so far.

Detailed explanation is here (somewhere) if you're interested.

If you ever try to fix things, or think that improvement has been made, please contact me and I'll give it a second look.

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