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Brushing your teeth is easy (just ask Colgate). One night, Sweetie Belle happened to swallow her toothpaste.

Chaos ensures (no Discord involved).

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I take it you were high out of your mind when you thought of this story, so you sat there laughing so hard, not making a sound, while clapping non stop looking like a seal, then you attempted to write this story, so you did, and the next morning you checked over what you did after you remembered it, then you realized that trying to write a story isn't as easy as it seems when baked, so you went through and fixed all the many mistakes you may have found, and thus this story was born.

Yeah, you were definitely high. Just read it. All signs point to high out of your mind

That was certainly...a thing.

Hey, I found this in the popular box! Nice going!

Silly Sweetie Belle.

This sure was uhhh ineresting:rainbowlaugh:

....................................Well that was...... interesting :derpyderp1:

Thumbs up for you!

This... Was... AMAZING!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh: Thanks! By the way, I like your Michael Jackson pony story

This was funny, and random, and sweet. The ending lines were pitch-perfect! :yay:

It had a couple minor grammar issues (e.g., "wasn't going to stop at nothing"), but was overall enjoyable.

Who could imagine such a funny scene happening with just a blob of toothpaste?!


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