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Twilight Sparkle and Spike wake up in their castle one day to see Equestria covered in a blanket of snow. Who could've done this?! A certain draconequis might have the answer they're seeking.

This story is based off of the cruddy weather where I live.

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Sir, how dare you suggest November is incorrect for snow! I live in Alaska and, *Jumbled looks outside* WHERE THE FUCK IS THE SNOW!? I have not read your fic, I merely felt I had to comment.

5282385 An interesting thing is, although the calender says Winter lasts from December 21 (Winter Solsitice) to March 21 (Spring Equinox), there's no official start or end date for the seasons. The harvesting season that marks the end of fall, actually comes early in November (which is when Thanksgiving was originally celebrated by the Pilgrims and their descendants). So technically, you could argue that Winter has already arrived, and the snow isn't too early (the temperature is another story).

Comment posted by Fandom Trash Snivy deleted Nov 17th, 2014

5282385 Sorry. I live in Ohio, and it snowed today. Major apology for making you mad.

5282420 It was just a small joke that I felt the need to make. My anger is not real, and honestly you made me remember the odd weather I've been having. We have had one snow so far and it is gone at this point. Very strange. :rainbowhuh:

Alternative title: pretty much every november in New England.

In the Midwest anything goes when it comes wether.So snow in november isnt to surprising to me.

But still a great porady

You don't get now in November?

Curses, North Dakota!!!!!!! :twilightangry2:

Except ha, we in ND are immune to cold. We've learned from the Canadians. :pinkiecrazy:

Lol snowing in oklahoma were I am right now.

mfw it never snows where I live. Like, ever. :raritywink:

the calender says Winter lasts from December 21 (Winter Solsitice) to March 21 (Spring Equinox), there's no official start or end date for the seasons.

That's interesting. We just say each season begins on the first of every third month. Summer is 01/12 - 28(29)/02, Autumn is 01/03 - 31/05, Winter is 01/06 - 31/08, and Spring is 01/09 - 30/11. Then again, Australians are notoriously lazy with almost everything and love to simplify stuff. :trollestia:


mfw it never snows where I live. Like, ever

Florida, I presume?

Ha! Finally a story I can relate to, we really do have some crazy weather these years huh? Anyways the story is pretty damn good, its fluent, the characters feel like the characters from the show, and it's all around a pretty good read. Though there are some places your choice of wording is a little odd and I did notice one grammatical error but other than that the story is pretty good. Anyways have a good day and happy writing or reading!

Sincerely: Ernest


We just say each season begins on the first of every third month.

Then again, Australians are notoriously lazy with almost everything and love to simplify stuff.



Well, Fl and Australia do have Melbourne.

I live in the maritimes in Canada and we have snow right now...It'll probably still be here in May...:twilightangry2:
I hate the winter time...too cold for me thank-you...

The snow's unusual enough that it's been noted by a popular weather blog.

To summarize, about 50% of the contiguous US (lower 48 states, sorry Alaska) is covered in snow. The average for this time of year is 4-20%. Here's the map:


HA I FEEL YA! GO AWAY, SNOW! IT'S NOVEMBER! Stupid Ohio weather.

5282735 And yet global warming doesn't exist.

Oh my God is that snow, we're all gonna die!

This truly is a very interesting story idea, and I enjoyed it quite much! However, you don't have to give exposition that people already may have known, such as Spike being Twilight's assistant and Discord being reformed. Speaking of Discord, when I read his dialogue in the story, he seemed... odd. I feel like he's less chaotic than he usually is right here. But, I did enjoy your story anyways. Also, you have snow wherever you live?? :pinkiegasp: There's barely anything in New York! One other thing I have to mention:
Congradulations. :twilightsmile:

Snowing in November that's nothing. When you get snow in September or ice storms in May you can complain. I look out my window right now and everything is covered in snow.

We had snow on Halloween where I was a couple of years ago... I think it was 2011. Just be glad it's not 198 years ago. Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death

5282633 It also never snows here. Except that, instead of being happy, I'm sad because I'll never see snow first-person...

Be sure to dress warm tomorrow, it's supposed to be colder than today!

I came in expecting Discord to take Twilight to school about chaos theory in relation to weather effects and how minute changes can cause far-reaching and strange effects in widely dispersed areas. Maybe something about how pony interference with weather causes these sorts of things and that Twilight was more isolated in Canterlot than she previously thought. Maybe even with Rainbow Dash acting as straight-man to Twilight's panic (since RD IS in charge of weather, she ought to be either more or less concerned than Twilight depending on how the idea is presented).

Instead, I got this.

It's not BAD. It's just a bit bland and some of the 'scenes' seem extraneous to the story and a bit on the thin side (Twilight and RD is very much like this - again RD's the weather pony, if not the weather manager-depending on head canon, and so should be a bit more concerned than she is). It's aight. I think I came in with more expectation than was warranted,


Also, it's freakin' cold and that jet stream needs to go back north soon because I'm in the SOUTH and it's supposed to be HOT here. Not below freezing with an ice warning. Stupid cold, I moved here to get away from this crap ...

One of us, one of us. :pinkiecrazy:

If it did snow where I live it would be very weird

5284611 We're lucky if it snows once every five years...
Or unlucky, since no one knows how to drive in snow. Our accident ratio literally goes up 500%. It's ridiculous.

That dot is me
If it does snow here I would party like its ... A pinkie pie party:pinkiehappy:

I live in Southern California, no snow here. Except once around 20 years ago I think, I wasn't alive.

This was an awesome Fic! :heart:

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