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Rarity loves ice cream. So much flavor and oh so creamy. But what if she were to run out of that ice cream? Well, she would go crazy without the thought of ice cream to fuel her mind.

And that's exactly what she did one night.

One of the very few Random and Dark stories out there. Still waiting for an artist on DeviantART to let me use their image for this story's cover. Also, the title may remind you of a certain song...

EDIT: The cover image is now here!

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There were 0 views when I read this

Spike face clawed "Last week it's Vanilla Qat Swirl , Today it's strawberry , What next? Pickle flavor?":moustache:
"PICKLES ! That's it !":raritystarry:

:applejackconfused: "Rarity are you sure you're OK? Yesterday evening you were licking Gems".

"I've had these strange cravings and Weight gains , I just don't know anymore":raritydespair:
:facehoof:" Spike , was it a dream? Really tell me"
:raritystarry: "Oh No!"
:moustache: "Oh Oh"

"SPIKEY ,precious scales YOU, ME LAS PEGASUS NOW!":duck::moustache::twilightoops::rainbowlaugh::yay::pinkiehappy::applejackconfused:
ROAD TRIP:derpytongue2:

XD this was such a brilliant story!! :rainbowlaugh: you did very good at characterization! But I don't think Rarity would freak out that much! Thank goodness is was only a dream :moustache:

5464801 this was cool it could of been darker but for rairaty it was the end of the world lol good story

Heh Rarity sure loves her ice cream good job man

I think this is a strangest normal story I've ever read. Not sure how to respond. Props for taking a silly idea and making something dark out of it, though. That's not done nearly often enough.

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