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This story is a sequel to One Drink Too Far

When called to the unicorn's house, finding Rarity drunk and blasting power metal on the speakers was not what Twilight had hoped to find. Unfortunately for her, things would only get worse from there on. Though Rainbow's opinions on the events of the night would turn out slightly different from the alicorn's.

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Comments ( 18 )

Go drunk, Rarity. You're home!

:moustache: Wow fire? I can do fire!

Being drunk makes you say things you would never say if you were sober, so we're seeing the real Rarity now.

God help her.

You probably want to censor the thumbnail. You're supposed to keep profanity out of the title/description, and I think that a;so applies to the thumbnail.

The cover art for this fic alone makes me crack up laughing and the story is just awesome! This fic actually inspired me to write my own comedic piece about Pinkie Pie getting high :rainbowlaugh: . I gave you credit in the Author’s Note. :pinkiehappy:


nasty metal lyrics

Actually, it's power metal lyrics.

Wait, is that what the unicorns in the corpse world were talking about? :rainbowhuh:

Regardless, unicorns and liquor should not mix. We all love you, Rarity, and we're all deeply concerned for you.

Drunk Rarity is entertaining.

Upvoted for more Blind Guardian.

I so want a sequel were Rainbow does seek her out now.

It's very amusing.

I wonder if we ever see other ponies walking on Rarity while she's like this.

Rarity is such a potty mouth. And this story came out before the leaked audios.

Oh yeah this was great :D

What leaked audios....

There were some audio bloopers done by the voice cast for My Little Pony that were simply hilarious. I don't have the link but it should be easy enough to find on Google.

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