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So writing much late wow · 2:27am Jan 7th, 2014

After endless amount of slacking and procrastination got back to finishing that half done chapter sitting in a corner for 2 months, thanks to growing bored of endless grinding in my habitual ARPG and finally starting to watch MLP season 4 (my favorite so far, pleasant surprise). Gonna struggle with grammar and proofreading as always but at least it's on the way.

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Your writing is still gud and you should feel gud

Thanks for the follow :3

you best be calling the police, cause imma follow you forever

59946 Yeah, I usually don't like the whole "first" thing... but this time I couldn't help it. :rainbowwild:


I consider this "first" thing a bad habit, yet as a guest here and as a mark of gratitude for your help I shall refrain from posting any unnecessary harsh comment.
Put on his social mask :twilightsmile:

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