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I'm just some 26-year old dude from Canada hoping to become a screenplay writer one day. That's all.


Rainbow Dash and the girls are performing as the Rainbooms for a gig, but because of some ill-timed forgetfulness (e.g. Rainbow rushing to change from her pajamas to her casual outfit because she’s running late for the gig), she unknowingly goes out wearing NOTHING underneath her skirt, neither her shorts nor her panties.

And it’s only after the band has finished the song that she realizes she’s been going commando in front of the whole audience. Now she must try to get home and put her bike shorts and underwear back on before anyone sees but certain things stand in her way such as strong gusts of wind, neighbor's dogs chasing her, encountering some overexcited fans of her and band as well as some old faces...

Written with the help of blankslate98

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Ha, this story sounds pretty hilarious if you ask me. Definitely going to read it. I'll let ya know about my review once I do.

Pets needs to be great again!

7584567 Nearly every story I read talks about pets dying and sad stuff only a few that involves spending time with pets.

Comment posted by Omnishifter deleted Sep 25th, 2016

7593915 Should I delete it then?:twilightoops::raritydespair::applecry:

Why are there Dazzlings thumbnails when they are there only for a momment?

“Sorry! Thanks for letting me use your wiener though… that didn’t sound right. Whatever, see ya!”



In chapter 2 could you have the dazzilings to to rainbow dash's house and sneak up on her in the shower and knock her out then two of the dazzilings grad rainbow dash by the hands and feet carry her to the van and take her to camp everfree and drop her off unconscious then the dazzilings drive away before rainbow dash wakes up and she rainbow dash would be so surprise to be naked in the woods and feeling the cold air intake her skin turns her on and the dazzilings leave sport shoes next to rainbow dash and she takes them out of the box and puts them on her feet they feel nice on but the dazzilings put a spell on the that makes rainbow dash feel so turned on she runs through the woods and jumps over things in her way runs stated to town like in George of the jungle where George runs to save ape. While running most of the time rainbow dash would grope her breast ,suck and lick her nipples , grope and spank her butt , and finger her clit and ass hole she makes it to town and she keeps running though town naked and jumps over fenses she runs stated to a cave and falls down a waterfall smooth rocks pleasure her clit and rainbow dash falls into a river the shoes making her swim to land and she starts running again all the way to the other side of town the shoes stop forcing rainbow dash to keep running and rainbow dash is tired but she is thrilled she has gotten a good exercise and has musoils she lays down on the grass thinking she should do this ever night expet on call and winter but only in spring and summer thinking about how to make it throw town to get home rainbow dash is so existed she passes out then soon early in the morning at 3:00 am she wakes up and runs towards home when she gets home she takes a show and when she gets done in the shower she goes to her room not bothering to dry off of do to have any clothes on but when she gets to her room the dazzilings are there any they are naked rainbow dash is surprise to see them but what do they want this time but they show her they have a drone that was recording her streaking through the woods and town she rainbow dash decides to be the dazzilings sex toy so rainbow dash life is safe and you can decide what happens in chapter 3.

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