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On Our Own - kwr2k13

The continuing adventures of Little Horn and her cousin, Harmony Trebleheart, as they meet other ponies and become closer as a family in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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Chapter Six: The Ponies Arrive

On Our Own

Chapter Six: The Ponies Arrive

Harmony helped Little Horn chat with her younger friends online. The younger filly was so happy she was going to have a sleepover with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. What was more surprising was that even Apple Bloom’s cousin, Babs Seed, would be invited! They decided to have a Cutie Mark Crusader sleepover, with Harmony’s approval.

Little Horn was able to convince her cousin to accompany her to the airport to meet her old friends and the new unicorn colt, Duo. Little Horn drew on a white poster board her cousin gave her a sign that read Cutie Mark Crusaders in blue letters prior to their arrival

They walked to the airport in anticipation of a Cutie Mark Crusader Reunion. Little Horn found her Crusader Cloak and wore it to the airport. That is what she told Duo in order to identify her in the crowd of humans. Surely, a tan unicorn filly and a white unicorn mare wouldn’t draw that much attention at a crowded airport, could they?

They arrived at the Arrivals section of the airport, where Harmony wandered across to a nearby cafe for a drink, while Little Horn kept an eye out for the other ponies.

Meanwhile, two figures arrived by plane at the airport in Vancouver. The young unicorn colt named Duo had stepped off the plane alongside his Earth pony friend, Apple Bloom. They had made sure to be as bipedal as possible. They even managed to prevent being identified properly, due to an overly lazy security guard. Vancouver International was sure being a bit lax today.

“Okay, Apple Bloom, just like we practiced; look for a pony who looks like the picture we received.” He pulled the cloak further over his head to fully cover his horn as he scanned the airport for any signs of Little Horn or her cousin, Harmony.

The red-maned filly nodded, and kept her cloak over her pink bow, scanning the area for the newest member of her Crusader club.

“Ah haven’t seen mah sister or mah brother in a long time, Duo. And isn’t Babs Seed supposed to be with us?” Apple Bloom asked, her country accent coming through, loud and clear.

Apple Bloom could not remember all the details, but she knew her real family would be happy to see her again, including her cousin, Babs Seed. “Ah just hope Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are all right..” The young filly added as Duo and her continued to scan the area for their classmates.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the airport, a small dark orange filly with a pink mane and short tail covered in a cloak with white freckles on her cheeks attempted to get by the airport security. This was Apple Bloom’s cousin, Babs Seed, from Manehattan. The young Earth pony continued on her way through the security checkpoint until an alert security guard stopped her.

“Excuse me, I would like to see some identification, please..” The man stated to the pony in the cloak. The cloaks the younger ponies wore resembled the Cutie Mark Crusader cloaks the girls wore during their clubhouse meetings. Maroon cloaks with gold lining, with a hoof-stitched blue logo featuring a young pony rearing up on its hind legs was emblazoned on each of the Crusaders’ cloaks.

Babs Seed blew the piece of mane out of her face, and dropped the hood of her cloak, revealing the muzzle of the Manehattanite Earth filly from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

“Name’s Babs Seed. What’s it to ya?” The orange filly smirked, her thick Brooklyn accent coming through strong. “Ah’m lookin’ for mah cousin. She told me she’d be on one of those flyin’ machines.” Babs blew that stubborn piece of mane out of her face.

The security guard began to approach the young filly. “First of all, It’s called an ‘airplane’...and you from New York? Brooklyn, maybe? You have a strong New York accent.”

Babs Seed looked at the guard, “Ah’m from Manehattan, actually. I visit mah cousin on the family farm if Ah need to get away from the big city from time to time. We just had our family reunion!” She explained to the guard.

The guard adjusted his hat and scratched his head, “Manehattan? Don’t you mean, “Manhattan?” He didn’t really understand the pony-themed pun the young filly was saying.

Babs looked at the guard quizzically. “It’s pronounced Manehattan...like a pony’s mane.” She blows that stubborn piece of mane out of her face. “Ah really need to get that taken care of.” She said, indicating her mane.

“Young lady, you’re going to have to come with me. I could page your cousin. What’s her name?” The guard seemed concerned for the younger pony in trying to reach her destination.

Babs Seed blew that piece of mane out of her face, “Mah cousin’s name is Apple Bloom, sir. She’s got a red mane and tail and a pink bow. Yellow fur, orange eyes. Has a country twang in her voice.”

The guard looked at the city pony for a moment, “Apple Bloom? As in the pony from the television show? You look familiar as well.” The guard was a closet brony, and so he was sympathetic to the young filly’s search for her cousin. “Didn’t they sing a song about you being a bully?”

Babs shrugged, then laughed at the reference to the Babs Seed song featured in the episode, One Bad Apple. This episode dealt with peer pressure, bullying, and how not to seek revenge on those who bully others.

“Yeah, but it all turned out good in the end. Stood up to those snooty ponies who were harassin’ mah friends and mah cousin f’r not havin’ their Cutie Marks.. Told those two ah’d tell their mommas about their bad attitudes.” She smirked again.

Their budding conversation was rudely interrupted by an angry human tourist. “YOU!” she yelled imperiously, waving her hands around in a fit of fury. “What the hell’s wrong with the airport today? I’m calling customer service!”

The security guard jerked his head towards the source of the commotion. “Sorry, Ma’am,” he apologized profusely. “Got major teething issues this week. Our airport co-ordinator has been AWOL for six or seven days... ”

He briefly turned towards the little filly as the woman unleashed another torrent of abuse at him. “Bit busy, as you can see,” He whispered. “Hope you’ll find your friends out there.”

“Ah hope so too. Anyway, ah’ll be on my way. Thanks, ah guess.” Babs Seed blows her mane out of her face, and turns to look for her cousin and the other Crusaders.

Meanwhile, the young unicorn filly, Sweetie Belle, was in another part of the airport having a tussle with her luggage that she was trying to pull out of the broken bag machine. “Dumb machine! Gimmie my bag!” With one final tug, the cloaked pony finally pulled the bag free, but flew backwards as its contents scattered around the floor. “Oh, come on!” She wailed. “How can they not fix this stuff?”

Scootaloo simply giggled when she saw this. “Hey, Sweetie Belle, I’m going to head over to the cafe so I can get a drink. Who knows? Maybe I will meet up with one of the ponies from the email?” She put on her helmet and hopped on her scooter before taking off, much to Sweetie Belle’s protest.

Sweetie Belle simply sighed as she started to pick up her belongings. “Dumb machine!”

Babs Seed heard Sweetie Belle’s high-pitched voice and trotted over to help her collect her belongings.

“Sweetie Belle? Is that you? Wowza, you haven’t changed a bit since you invited me to join your club.” She smirked. “You got the message from that unicorn friend o’ yours?” The dark orange filly asked her little unicorn friend. “Ya haven’t seen Scootaloo here, have you?”

She grinned big and hugged Babs Seed before picking up her things. “She was supposed to meet me here but knowing her she probably hopped on her scooter and went to the Cafe, she did say she was hungry.” Once she finished packing up her stuff, with Babs Seed’s help, she grabbed the bag with her mouth and started walking.

Duo’s ears perked up when he heard Sweetie Belle’s voice. “Sweetie Belle? Come on Apple Bloom!” Duo started running towards the sound of her voice.

“I’m doing fine! Babs Seed is here as well!” She pointed to Babs Seed.

Babs Seed blew on that piece of her mauve mane that became more of a nervous habit when meeting new and old friends.

“Apple Bloom! Ah’m so glad to see mah cousin again! Ah had to take a different flight comin’ out from New York. Mah big sister and Auntie Brown Betty gave us some gifts for us when we finally get settled in. It’s a surprise, so no peeking!” She showed several packages that needed to be picked up for the trip. Each package had the ponies’ names on them.

Meanwhile, Little Horn spotted her Crusader teammates, and went up to them, wearing her Crusader cloak. The tan filly trotted up to the assembled ponies..

Little Horn cleared her throat a bit to get the other ponies’ attention before speaking. “Hay everypony!” The girls and Duo would see a tan unicorn filly with a brown mane and tail, along with blue eyes and a smile on her muzzle trotting up to them. “Finally, you guys made it!” She went over to hug her friends warmly. It felt really nice to be able to hear, feel, and see the smiling faces of her classmates.

“I’m one of the newest Crusaders. You can call me Little Horn. My cousin, Harmony’s waiting for us to go to the cafe. Maybe Scootaloo will be there!” Little Horn suggested to the Crusaders.

“We can only hope!” Duo stated as he picked up his bag with his mouth, having now gone down on all four hooves. “I am still not comfortable being seen in public like this... let’s get to the cafe quickly and meet the others.” He then started walking as Apple Bloom followed right behind him.

“Come on, Little Horn and Babs Seed! We shouldn’t keep them waiting any longer!” Sweetie Belle rushed forward in a hurry past Apple Bloom and Duo to get to the cafe.

Little Horn slowed up and looked at her friends, “Harmony’s just over there! Come on!”

After a few more minutes of walking, the group of ponies finally reached the airport cafe.

Little Horn gestured towards her elder cousin once everypony was inside, “Everypony, this is my cousin, Harmony. She’s a unicorn, just like Duo, Sweetie Belle, and me.” She smiled as she introduced her cousin to the assembled ponies.

“As you can plainly see.” Harmony remarked dryly, glancing up at her forehead.

Scootaloo had finished drinking the last drop of her Apple Juice box when she noticed the ponies walking in. “Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, Duo! Over here!” She waved to the trio making all three of them run up and hug her, to the point where she struggled for air. “Suffocating... can’t breathe...”

Babs Seed entered the cafe, blowing that stray piece of mane out of her face. “Hey, Scootaloo! You here for the Crusader reunion? Found ya another Crusader. I think ya know her from your school and that video thing on the computer..” Babs pointed a hoof at Little Horn.

“Too... long...” Once the trio finished hugging Scootaloo she took a huge gasp of air before glaring at them. They then shared a laugh. “So you’re Little Horn, huh?” Scootaloo hopped off the stool and looked at the tan filly. “Name’s Scootaloo, nice to meet you!” She held out her hoof for Little Horn to hoof bump.

Little Horn hoof bumped the Pegasus filly and smiled, “I want to thank you for helping me out a long time ago when I first starting attending Ms. Cheerilee’s school with you three. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were teasing me for being a blank flank and having a small horn.” Her ears drooped upon remembering all the teasing she got at school.

“Alright peanut gallery,” Harmony spoke up, telekinetically throwing her empty coffee cup into a nearby bin, “Since we’re all gathered, let’s get out of here.” She hesitantly glanced around, “People are starting to stare.”

“Actually,” Babs Seed reasoned, “Ah think they’re just mad that we’re being happy in the airport. You wouldn’t believe how bad it is in there. Definitely worse than LaGuardia.”

Sweetie Belle huffed. “Yeah, tell me about it! That dumb bag machine!”

“Aww,” Apple Bloom couldn’t resist bragging. “I had a great time! The people at the desk didn’t even bother checking who I was!”

“Uh yeah, sorry about that,” Harmony could only muster a cheeky grin in response. “I heard on the news that the airport was running into some problems. Some employee’s been absent for six or seven... days?!” Her voice rocketed upwards as she realized the implications of what she said.

“Yeah,” Babs Seed answered nonchalantly. “They were saying some co-ordinator’s gone missing- ”

“What is it, Ms. Harmony?” Scootaloo said, concerned that their patron had seemingly been turned to stone.

The blue-maned unicorn snapped back into life. “Oh, nothing, nothing,” she gestured, reaching into her phone and quickly searching for some information regarding Vancouver International’s airport co-ordinator. “Let’s keep on going, girls.”

As they walked towards the airport exit, Babs Seed looked over at Harmony and her display of magic, “You can really do magic, Miss Harmony?” The young filly from Manehatten had heard of unicorns who could do magic from home, but hanging out with those that were more down to earth and friendly amazed her. “The unicorn ponies back home usually stuck their snouts in the air and didn’t give ya the time o’day.”

Harmony wasn’t responding, through no fault of hers. She was busy negotiating with the authorities. “Vancouver International? Yes, I’ve heard that one of your airport co-ordinators has been missing for quite some time... Could I just have some contact details? I think I might know what has happened... Ms. Meyer, was it? Alright then. I’ll tell her to get back to you guys as soon as possible. No worries. Bye... “

“Well... I wish you could have met me back then.” Duo stated sadly. He then perked up when he remembered what they were supposed to do. “Think we can get back to Equestria? Wherever that is...”

Little Horn frowned, “You can’t even remember our own homeworld? That spell that creepy chimera creature did on us must have removed most of our memories about our old lives.” The little filly’s mind was still fuzzy, except for the fact she had a cousin who cared for her, five best friends who would go on adventures with, and a wonderful life ahead of her.

Harmony was speaking again, and it was really getting in the way of the fillies’ conversation. “Hi, this is Harmony Trebleheart, Ms. Meyer. I’ve read the news about Vancouver International, and I’m almost certain that you’ve turned into a pony. If that’s indeed the case, I invite you to meet us fellow ponies at the junction of Coleridge and Doman at around 7. If not - well - ignore this voicemail, I guess... ”

“Ya mean Discord? Didn’t that yellow pegasus reform him or something?” Apple Bloom asked, tilting her head in a confused manner.

Little Horn shrugged, “I don’t know. I thought he had reformed...but he ruined my family dinner the night I was banished here. I was in the hospital and was really sick. Somehow, I ended up meeting a familiar face in my dreams. A zebra who gave me something for my upset stomach.”

“Evidently, Discord’s reformation was only temporary,” Harmony remarked dryly, finally having ripped her eyes from the bright screen of her mobile.

Duo’s ears twitched upon hearing the word zebra. “Are you talking about Zecora? She helped me dispel the weird spell somepony named Celestia put on me to cause the Crusaders to go crazy with love for me. They chased me through all of Ponyville!”

“Apparently it was a test of our friendship; the spell very nearly tore the Cutie Mark Crusaders apart!” Sweetie Belle said.

Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle all giggled nervously. “Well... at least that problem was taken care of and we all know who Duo chose in the end.” Scootaloo said while smirking at Sweetie Belle. This action, in turn, made Sweetie Belle blush.

Little Horn continued to walk beside her cousin, while Babs Seed took up a position behind the Crusaders and Duo. Little Horn spoke up first,

“Duo, why would Princess Celestia put such a spell on you? Is it like the spell Ms. Twilight did on her doll once?” She looked around at the Crusaders, “Uhm, I kinda heard about that incident from a friend of a friend. There were a lot of gossipy ponies talking about it.”

Babs Seed missed out on many of these adventures with her friends and cousin, since she was in Manehattan, working on recruiting two new classmates to join the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The leader of the Manehatten Branch of the Cutie Mark Crusaders decided to update the group on what she was doing back home after she left Ponyville.

“Well, Ah recruited two more of mah classmates at mah new school in Manehatten to join the Crusaders. I’m not sure who they are though, or their names for that matter.” The streetwise filly said to the group as they walked along.

Little Horn chuckled, “I really missed out on all that Crusader business!” She then turned to Apple Bloom.

“I’m glad you and your cousin are getting along better. Your family probably misses you very much.” She gives the young red maned filly a side hug. “You were so kind to respond to our video message. I cannot believe you are really here!”

“Actually I responded since Apple Bloom can’t work a computer to save her life.” Duo said, earning a glare from the red-head filly.

“Well it’s not mah fault that you could use magic to use that pencil as a writin’ tool!” Apple Bloom retorted.

Duo simply chuckled at this remark.

“So you recruited two more Crusaders? That’s great! We have to make capes for them as well! What are their names?” Sweetie Belle asked Babs Seed.

Babs Seed thought about the new Manehatten Branch of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, “Ah believe they are named Fiery Mist and Candy. Fiery Mist is a Pegasus and won a lot of races with his fellow Pegasi. Candy loves to make candy, and Ah think that may be her special talent.” Babs replied to Sweetie Belle..

“You know what’d be ironic, is if Candy was a diabetic,” Harmony mused with a smirk.

Little Horn looked up at her cousin and shook her head, then turned back to her Crusader friends. “I don’t think that’s nice to make fun of others. You guys learned that, right?”

“Gee, tough crowd,” Harmony muttered, “I said it’d be ironic, not as an offensive statement.”

Little Horn rolled her eyes, “Uh, how much further are we going to go, Harmony?” She then heard her stomach rumble...”and I bet you girls and young colt are hungry, right?”

Duo was about to say no when his stomach rumbled, getting a giggle from Sweetie Belle. “Yeah I am.”

“The exit’s just up here,” Harmony assured them, “How many of us are there... one, two... four... six.” She then sighed. “A bit too much for everyone to fit in my car. This is going to be interesting...”

Little Horn thought about ways to find a ride. “Cutie Mark Crusader Hitchhikers?” She suggested, then shook her head,”Yeah, no. I don’t think Harmony would approve of us trying to have these humans picking up six ponies; five of them being young.” She looked up to her cousin for advice. “How are we going to get home, besides hoofing it?”


Crankshaft was tired. He had been driving since late last night. It had taken him hours to fix his van to a point where he could drive in his current state. Getting over the border was a bit of a hassle, but he managed it. He was almost there, he was almost safe. He thought he saw something on the corner of his eye. Something very colorful.

He pulled his van to the shoulder of the road. He saw a white unicorn mare and a group of foals; two earth ponies, three unicorns, and a pegasus. Crankshaft wasn’t sure whether they were real, or hallucinations from his fatigue. The welding goggles he was wearing weren’t helping. He pulled them over his horn. His eyes told him he wasn’t dreaming.

“Do you ponies need some help?” He asked


Little Horn looked behind her as a van slowly pulled onto the shoulder. The driver was later revealed as a unicorn stallion with a brown mane and a dark grey coat. He asked the ponies in their caravan if they needed assistance.

The young unicorn filly known as Little Horn had blue eyes, a tan coat and brown har. She nodded to the unicorn in the van.

“We were heading home after picking up my friends from the airport. I am Little Horn, and this is Apple Bloom,” she points her hoof towards the yellow filly with the red mane and tail. The youngest member of the immediate Apple Family had her trademark pink bow in her hair.

Little Horn continued to introduce her friends to the stallion, “This is my cousin, Harmony, and these are my friends; Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Duo, and Babs Seed. Who are you and why are you driving a van? You aren’t trying to foalnap us, are you?”:

“Ah, so you are the filly from the video! My name is Crankshaft, and I was heading to your apartment complex, I thought it would be safer to live there with other ponies than alone in Spokane. As for the van, I bought it when I was about sixteen, I was a big fan of the A-Team when I was younger, and I figured modifying it so that I could drive as a pony would be safer and easier than walking all the way to Vancouver.”

Babs Seed looked at the van. “So, we should get in the van and you’ll take us to Little Horn’s house? Wowza, we appreciate this, Mista Crankshaft!” The Manehattan filly said, smiling as she approached the van.

“It’s no trouble, but you will have to give me directions.” replied Crankshaft.

Little Horn looked up at her cousin and back at the Crusaders, “Cutie Mark Crusader Road trip with Mr. Crankshaft! YAY!”

Crankshaft covered his ears, wincing, ‘How could something so small produce a sound so loud?’

Little Horn laughed at Crankshaft’s reaction to the emotional outburst. “Sorry about that, Mr. Crankshaft. My friends and I are trying to earn our Cutie Marks. Sometimes we get into trouble by doing stuff we shouldn’t be doing, but we are really nice.”

“It’s fine, it was just a little unexpected.” said Crankshaft. “I completely understand, finding one’s place in the world is very important.”

Little Horn looks up at her cousin and then back at her friends, “Well, can we ride with you? Harmony and I can show you to our apartment complex!” She smiled big when saying this. “We cleaned an apartment up for you, so you can move in immediately!”

“That sounds good, I haven’t slept in a while. I was too busy making preparations to come here,” said Crankshaft tiredly. “I have enough money to cover rent and food for at least six months.”

Little Horn nodded, “Harmony will take care of the paperwork and get you moved in. We have a cafe to eat at and we were just going there, so you can join us, if you want to, Mr. Crankshaft.”

“Certainly.” said Crankshaft.

Little Horn and Babs Seed entered the van’s interior. Babs Seed was the first to speak up.

“Wow! This sure beats takin’ a taxi!” Babs exclaimed as she took a seat in the back, attempting to buckle herself in. The orange filly usually took the train from Manehatten to Ponyville or a taxi if she wanted to visit with the Apple family, as was the case when she responded to an invitation to the last Apple family reunion, hosted by Applejack. Both train tickets and a taxi ride cost bits, but she wasn’t sure what currency the humans here used.

“Well, I wouldn’t say it’s better, but it ‘s probably less expensive” said Crankshaft.

Harmony eyed the van warily, before hesitantly turning about, “Don’t worry about directions, Crankshaft. You can follow along behind me. Just give me a few moments to fetch my car from the carpark. L-H, you’re in charge, and don’t give him too much trouble, will you?”

Little Horn nodded and sat in the passenger’s seat, buckling up with her magic. “Okay, Mr. Crankshaft. Once we get Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Duo buckled in, we follow Harmony to our apartment complex. We can get something to eat and then, we can get you settled into your new home. Harmony will take care of your paperwork and collect your money.” The younger filly said, smiling as she felt so much alive. Her school age friends had finally shown up, and she hoped to have some games and other activities for them to enjoy.

“Oh, I forgot.” Harmony’s head poked back into the van. “I need to make a brief stop at Coleridge and Doman before we go back. There might be somebody - I mean, somepony else who might need a bit of help.”

The driver nodded, despite not having the faintest idea where Coleridge and Doman was.

Duo had to have been the only pony who wasn’t very comfortable about this. He had heard somewhere that it is bad to get into a stranger’s van. “I hope you know what you are doing Little Horn...” Duo whispered to the filly.

Little Horn smiled, “Harmony put me in charge and I think we can trust Mr. Crankshaft.” She then looked over at Crankshaft, “You wouldn’t hurt five little fillies and a colt, would you, Mr. Crankshaft?”

"No, I can't imagine why anyone would want to harm a foal." replied Crankshaft.

Little Horn nodded, “Come on, guys, please come with us. Harmony’s in her car, and we are supposed to follow her to the apartment where we will be staying. Unless you want to walk the rest of the way...besides, with all those gifts Babs Seed brought from her relatives for us, I’m sure our driver doesn’t mind transporting them.” Little Horn began to levitate the packages and luggage from the fillies into the van.

Babs Seed saw all the luggage Sweetie Belle brought with her. “Wow, Sweetie Belle, what did you pack for this trip? You expecting to go camping or somethin’?” The orange filly said, helping to stack the packages neatly on the floor of the van so they will not spill. One of the packages was supposed to be for Apple Bloom’s sister, Applejack. It was a brown Stetson, a hat that Apple Bloom’s sister wore every day. The packages were wrapped in the color schemes of each pony they were addressed to.

Once all the packages were safely secured, Little Horn wiped some sweat off her brow with a front leg. “Whew! Who knew all that levitation training finally paid off! I wonder what other magic I can do?” The little tan unicorn contemplated the possibilities of teleportation, shooting magic beams from her horn, and other magical spells she had yet to master.

Duo lightly nudged Little Horn with his muzzle before he hopped in the van to sit next to Sweetie Belle. “Come on, Little Horn!”

Little Horn was nudged by Duo and she glared at him, “I’m in, Duo. Just get Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo in here, and we can go. Harmony will be leading us to the apartment we are staying at.”

Apple Bloom hopped in next to Duo with Scootaloo following suit. “So is everypony inside? Let’s roll out!” Apple Bloom said excitedly.

Apple Bloom blushed embarrassingly. “Heh heh... sorry.” She said sheepishly.

Duo just chuckled as he put a hoof around Sweetie Belle and pulled her into a cuddle, making her blush.

“Eww...” Scootaloo replied as she made fake gagging noises.

“Aw, come on Scootaloo, I think they are cute together~” Apple Bloom giggled as Duo and Sweetie Belle both shared a blush of embarrassment.

"Are we ready to go?" asked Crankshaft.

Little Horn nodded, “All Crusaders accounted for?” She looked back to see Sweetie Belle and Duo cuddling, and Scootaloo’s reaction to it. “I think we have everypony here, Mr. Crankshaft. Just follow my cousin and we’ll be home before we know it. We can get something to eat at this cafe I found while exploring the complex. Harmony told me all about the owner and her being friends.”

Crankshaft started his van and released a sigh. Stressed as he was from his recent transformation, but the sound of the engine was soothing his nerves. He spotted Harmony’s car and began following, making sure her car never left his sight.

Little Horn stayed in the front passenger’s seat, buckled in as much as a little pony in a car would be. “So, since we are back together, how did you end up as the Cutie Mark Crusaders?” She said sheepishly, “I mean, you turned into the ponies that you are now?”

Babs Seed started her tale first. “Where do I begin?” She blew a piece of errant pink mane from her face, “Okay, so I was with Apple Bloom when it happened. Our accents became very evident by the second day. Ran into Duo when he was changin’, so we decided to stay together. Since Apple Bloom and I were cousins as humans, I figured it would be the same for ponies.” She looked over to Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo. “How ‘bout you? How did ya end up as ponies?”