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Silvia Spencer and her parents run a jewelry shop in Portland, Oregon. One Marsday morning, she wakes up to find herself in the body of a metallic grey filly named Silver Spoon. As she copes with memories of this filly, and her smaller body she seeks out some friends who will help her. One of Silver Spoon's classmates and best friends is a filly named Diamond Tiara. Will Silvia/Silver Spoon find her pony friends in time to help them before the anti-pony group PAPA plan an attack? Can Silver Spoon's upcoming journey with "Blank Flank" Babs Seed change her "Mean Pony" reputation?

Part of the PonyEarth Universe
Thanks to ServingSpoon, who is providing the role of Diamond Tiara in this fun story, as well as Golden Skies as Red Delicious/Apple Fritter/Apple Cider and Almar Zewizard as Babs Seed!

Silvia/Silver Spoon later meets Apple Fritter and Red Delicious in Tending the Tree. She also encounters Colton/Babs Seed in this story, and in a cross-collaboration story, Breaking Babs. They end up travelling together and make it to New York.

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I read it because it said Portland, but it's in name only.

3309072 Just need a Diamond Tiara for silver spoon to hang out with.

We are going to find more ponies to join up on our road trip.

....your writing style is very...


3323191 I'm working with other collaborators to slow down the process.

I have heard from those who have read my Five score stories that they also are rushed, but, I am slowing them down.

A Gentle Breeze of Change introduced Summer Breeze's sisters, who play a role in helping Summer with discovering her inner Pegasus. They have their own stories to tell, which are in the three mini-chapters (Ch. 5-7).

'Like' everywhere! Especially from me... I actually like PEV.

3324315 Thanks!

I am allowing openings for any pony to show up in my story. I am certain Babs and Silver spoon, and possibly Diamond Tiara will meet other humans-turned ponies. Who they meet on the way to New York is up to you.

Let me know via pm or IRC.

I did find a Diamond Tiara to be a part of the story collaboration, so I am certain the other school kids will show up. Maybe run into Cheerilee? The Cutie Mark Crusaders?

It's a good attempt, but there's quite a few problems. There's a golden rule for stories:

Show, don't tell.

Your story is mostly tell with very little show, so it reads like 'this happened and then this happened and then this happened and then this happened'. We don't get to experience what's happening, we're just being told about it. The way to show is to make characters do things, rather than telling us that they're doing things. Dialogue is showing. Action is showing.

It's also rather hard to tell what's going on. Lots of things seem to happen without explanation, like Silvia knowing who Silver Spoon is without being told. Not only that, but she seems completely unsurprised when she suddenly hears a voice in her head. It feels like there's a scene missing here, and these are scenes that would be really fun to see. Split personalities are great to explore.

We're also told that Silvia and Silver will eventually merge into one. That's interesting, but who figured that out and how? Does Silver Spoon know? How does she know? How much does she know? How does Silver feel about this? Has she been pulled out of her own body? Is she real? There are so many questions you could answer or provide clues for. You don't have to write a mystery, but some exploration of these ideas would make it a lot more interesting.

3334410 I'm working on that with my collaborators.

I would be willing to collaborate with those who would like to play as a human who ends up as a pony from the show.

My story is part of the PonyEarth Universe. There are plenty of background ponies left. Perhaps silver spoon has brothers or sisters? Parents, or maybe the friends she has at school?

Sylvia was all like "oh.. I'm a pony now.. hmm. Fancy that.":facehoof:

There was no emotion in her what so ever. Silver Spoon had the same reaction to being in the human world and sharing her mind and body.:ajbemused:

Don't know about your Silvia, but the Silver Spoon I know would be like "Get the hay out of my head and like, send me the buck home, you stink monkey!!!" okay that last part was from Invader Zim but still..:twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by ServingSpoon deleted Nov 19th, 2013

I am thoroughly confused.

Your characters are dry, with little to no emotional expression, despite their stressful predicaments.

What's this Marsday about?

Does this thing happen so often there is an agency to deal with pony converts?

So what happens when they merge? The human mind just ceases to exist?

Plus you couldn't keep it strait where they are. You said the TSA arrested the papa agents in Oklahoma, when the parents were still in Oregon.

I was intrigued by the concept but very disappointed in the fast paced execution and complete lack of emotional development. :unsuresweetie:

A summary is what I read. 030 It needs some meat on those bones.

3509169 Thank Discord for the days being different!

In Pony Earth Universe, Discord was behind the humans becoming ponies (or at least waking up to find they are now stuck as the pony from the show). Like Lauren Faust became Princess Celestia. Tara Strong, Twilight Sparkle's voice actor, ended up as Princess Luna.

Interesting. Okay cool. I look forward to more updates.:eeyup:

3520688 I do have a spot open in my story for Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon's best friend.

Silver/Silvia is with Colton/Babs Seed, and we are going to stop for lunch. Along the way, Babs' pony relatives show up to help with transportation and food, and we get to New York to find out what is going on.

Comment posted by ServingSpoon deleted Jan 16th, 2014
Comment posted by ServingSpoon deleted Jan 15th, 2014
Comment posted by ServingSpoon deleted Jan 16th, 2014

:rainbowlaugh:Oh Wow that Particular Breakfast is my fav as well Except I like a little Cinnamon on the Oatmeal as well

3794883 yeah, that's cool!

looks like diamond tiara and silver spoon have been reunited in pony earth verse and are going to get some lunch. eventually, they'll be joining up with Babs seed, along with some members of the apple family, who in turn will lead to other ponies.

okay, took me a moment to understand what world this is set it. i get it now.

an interesting start

um, sorry. the whole dad turning her in was a rushed oversight. It just felt like a reason for why the PAPA were there, which could have been done much better by simply saying her dad had asked around and learned about them being at the airport, looking for any ponies trying to travel.

But the thing with him reporting his daughter and almost as quickly regretting it felt just... badly done.

other than that, a good chapter

okay, for the majority of this chapter, i was confused as to who was what pony. you should have given a brief description of them at the beginning, so we know what silver/silvia knows, otherwise we spend a good portion of the chapter trying to figure out the whos instead of the story

5739291 I am still working on this story, and somehow with work and other real life commitments, I am waiting to see what someone can do to help.

So far, here are the facts:

Silvia Spencer is the young lady who is now sharing a body with one Silver Spoon. Along the way, Silvia/Silver meets up with Colton/Babs Seed, and then meets ponies who appear to be Babs Seed's relatives, Apple Fritter, Apple Cider, and Red Delicious, who are willing to help Babs and Silvia get to new York and possibly meet up with the others. I was hoping to find out how Babs would react to meeting up with Applejack, Big McIntosh, and Apple Bloom, being they are her closest relatives.

Silvia/Silver is hoping Diamond Tiara (or whoever is going to end up as her) join the group on their adventures and possibly see if Silver is just joining in the bullying because of being Best Friends with Diamond Tiara or because she doesn't want to be bullied herself.

5741043 I wonder i his will ever get a Chapter 3

7872451 I am hoping to work on the next chapter where Silver spoon meets Diamond Tiara and then makes peace with Babs Seed. Maybe Babs gets her scissors cutie mark from the show and eventually reunite with the other school ponies (the cmc, pipsqueak, etc).

7872566 I eagerly await it, good sir (or ma'am).

its been 4 years since the last update

i'm not gonna hold my breath sadly

I have been busy and I was hoping to continue silver spoon and Diamond Tiara's relationship in this as well as work with Babs Seed's player.

In the meantime, I am working on a new collab, Lavender Heart, with Skaltrox Defiance Knight and others. This time, there are anthro versions of the familiar MLP cast as well as OC's, set in Perth, Western Australia (a mix of Equestria Girls meets anthro mlp).

https://www.fimfiction.net/group/211980/anthros-of-harmony - the forum for the collab Lavender Heart from Skaltrox Defiance Knight. His story has his character becoming an anthro version of Princess Twilight Sparkle. My character ends up as the anthro Applejack in Aspects of Harmony. We are needing a fluttershy and Rarity.

oh i remember that fic I stopped reading it becasue the mane one stopped being updated while the side ones surpassed it time wise so It made it confusing for me

I am going to need help with this.

I know the Ponies on Earth (humans end up in the bodies of the ponies and they have to be that pony) story collab's hit a stagnation period to keep in synch with the other characters like the Mane 6 and others.

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