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When two cousins, one from the country and another from the city become little girls and then ponies, specifically, Apple Bloom and Babs Seed, what will they do? How will they be able to get food and get around to finding others to take them in? Staying with Aunt Apple Brown Betty in Manhattan, New York, Apple Bloom starts to remember a life on her family farm with her big brother and sister and starts to feel homesick. Babs starts to feel bad about bullying others to try and fit in and learns to stand up for her cousin.

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Yeah, I know. I'm leaving granny smith, Apple Bloom, and Babs Seed on the front porch until anyone else can pick up the story.

I'm going to have to redo this story.

While that's happening, check out my OC, Small Horn the little Unicorn as a rescue attempt is being launched by Zecora and possibly Dr. Hooves, and possibly Spitfire.

2646842 your saying it why are the changes happening so fast? its like they are on hyperdrive.from hair to eyes to tails all within an hour?

:facehoof: not to say I don't like it but you seem to have converted to writing a slice of life pony story.

:applecry: now some of this writing isn't even true to the show. but if you were a bit more focused it would be great :twilightsmile: currently it kind of feels like a dream :unsuresweetie:
:duck: of course it is to be expected if this is your first story. :twilightsheepish: practice makes perfect.

:pinkiesad2: yeah good idea but please take advice from my previous comments when you do

where did granny smith come from.....I agree with 2676494

I'm planning to redo this fan fic, so I will need an apple Bloom and I will play as Babs Seed.

We will need a Granny Smith and maybe the aunt became Applejack's auntie mentioned in The ticket master (The dessert, not mah auntie). Apple Brown Betty is a dessert item Applejack has in her cart that she was planning to sell at the Grand Galloping Gala. Apparently, there's an Earth Pony in the Apple Family named Aunt Apple Brown Betty. I am sure she attends the Apple Family reunion.

What if a whole group of people end up as members of the Apple Family (minus Big Mac and AJ)?

We have :

Apple Bumpkin
Apple Strudel (brother of Granny Smith)
Red Gala
Yellow Delicious
Hayseed Turnip Truck
Dosie Do (seen square dancing with the other family members)
Fiddlesticks (plays violin)
Auntie Apple Rose (cousin of Granny Smith)
Auntie Apple Sauce
Appleseed (based on John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed). Appleseed could have a descendant also named Appleseed
Apple Sprout (one of the foals mentioned by his/her mother while she was making apple fritters).

Comment posted by flyinggirl deleted Jan 4th, 2014

"Wowza! The Apple Family founded Ponyville?" Babs exclaimed as she seemed more interested in the elderly mares' tales.

Granny Smith smiled at the two fillies, "Darn Tootin'! It takes exactly Five days to harvest Zap Apples, and you have to pick them on the 5th day, otherwise, no Zap Apple Jam fer anypony!"

The girls got to sample the delicious Zap Apple Jam sandwiches and Babs got her first taste of the Apple Family cooking. "I wonder what other foods will be at the farm?"

Granny Smith rattled off names of ponies that also were food items made with Apples, the main staple of any ponies' diets. "There's Apple Fritters, Apple Dumplin's, Apple Brioches, Candy Apples, and of course, Apple Brown Betty....the dessert, not your auntie, who was so kind as to keep you youngin's entertained until she told me you were feeling homesick. Kinda like how Applejack when she went to Manehattan when she was a filly."

That's one of the nice things about the Apple family. you can talk about both at once! :twilightsmile:

The Amero-Australian alliance is strong here (you know because Lavender Heart takes place in Australia, and you made Babs an American)!

Um sorry, WHAT? How'd this get into the Anthros Of Harmony goup when it doesn't have any Anthros? I think somebody fudged up.

:trixieshiftleft:This story- at first, I thought it worked, sort of. Then, I debated downvoting out of frustration, and having it removed from the group. But now, with the news of the rewrite- Well, I'll be merciful. You deserve that much.:trixieshiftright:

8057820 It'll take time to do so since this story was a part of the Five score divided by 4 universe. My 1st attempt at a fan fiction involving two characters who were going to become younger characters.

Well a good start a bit rished but overall it qas fun

I know man. I once put an EG story in the CMC 10K group by mistake.

It may be worth clarifying in the description it's a 5cd4 story, cause otherwise the tf comes out of nowhere.

Brad looked at his reflection in the mirror and saw his eyes were the same color as Babs Seed's; a little darker yellow than his cousin. "Huh, yeah, that hair thing...I think that started yesterday...and my hair...pink, that's new. Speakin' o' hair. you're hair's lookin' red. Sure you want that bow now?" He teased.

Babs' eyss are green.

oi get of your ass and do more chapters:pinkiesad2:

i seem to have lost interest in this. It is supposed to be a 5 score, divided by 4 side story. The real CMC story is The Last Crusade, which has all 4 CMC members, including Babs Seed and told from Sweetie Belle's POV.

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