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Well, after yet another birthday come and gone, after a party including me and my buddy Claudia and a drinking game, we learn to never drink too much at a party. Waking up with a tramp stamp? Not expected. If it can get weirder, we are we turning into horses? Why us? Why me?

In the same world as Four-Score-Divided-By-Four is. Let's keep it going!

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This story... that best word to describe it is... odd. Very odd.
Nonetheless, I look forward to next chapter!

The scouts are detecting an iminent changeling threat. Interesting... very interesting.

You sir, will have to try to outshine the derpy fic that is already out there.
I wish you good luck!

Though i have to say i was pretty damn confused most of this... it seemed to skip around alot:trixieshiftright:


Thank you for the feedback! But this chapter is subject to change without notice. First chapter never comes out right...


First chapter never comes out right...

Damn Straight

Not bad :ajsmug: I'm assuming we can expect Derpy,Vinyl and Octavia? Well it looks like that to me :rainbowderp:

I will respect this story highly because Derpy's in it, Derpy is the only reason I even watch that show.
That makes me a doney.

One more.

She's a gardener, wears orange, and has curly hair. "Bubble Pops and...?


Oh right! Golden Harvest :pinkiehappy:


Yay!!! Carrot Top in this story though. I just don't like Golden Harvest as Carrot Top for some reason...


Yay!!! Carrot Top in this story though. I just don't like Golden Harvest as Carrot Top for some reason...

So Audrey Tisis is Dinky?


Yes, and before Caitlin gets the tail, Audrey will be there.

Too early to rate, but it looks good so far. characters are a bit obvious, though that's probably intentional. The writing itself could use some subtlety and better diction, but it's still decent. No glaring mechanical errors. As I said, it's too early to really judge how good/bad this story will be, or really anything about it.

Have to not dislike!!!!! it's a good story!!! Aaaaa I want to tho no one has yet

Then I'll do it for you!!!
-Prepares to click dislike
-Trips on banana peel
-hits like before I die
-i curse myself
-and then I die

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