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So I can put anything here and people will be able to read it?


Princess Celestia was looking for four young ponies to share in the experience of a lifetime, a trip to outer space. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are up to challenge, but an accident grants them fantastic powers and they decide to use their new abilities to explore the unknown and mysterious.

But when a ruler of an old race of sub-aquatic ponies come to Equestria to seek revenge for their destroyed city it's up to these Fantastic Fillies to defend their home.

This is a cross over with the Fantastic Four comic books and shares it's universe with The Amazing Spider-Pony. It's not necessary to read ASP before reading this, but it does explain a few things.

Credit to the fantastic Mechanized515 for the cover image.

Chapters (2)
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If yer lookin fer an editer, I think ya got one. Jus email me at lightningdash0@gmail.com, an' if ya want you can take mah name as a supahequine name

Alright, next time I'm writing something I'll send you a draft to look at. Thanks for the offer.

4656301 ok anything to help. And no prob, p.s rd watchin me

I like this so much. It's like my two favorite things together MLP and THE FANTASTIC FOUR. Hope you continue to write crossovers like this.

I've got plans for a whole universe. Including at least two more Fantastic Fillies stories. I'm hoping to have Spider-Pony done by the end of the year.

Well, Didn't see that coming

I did

by the way, this is my first comment on this site, so, yay!

You saw Doom coming? Impressive. Unless you've read Spider-Pony too, I kind of spoiled it in the latest chapter. Anyway, I hope seeing the twist coming didn't spoil the story for you.

Alright, finally- wtf! 12000 words? Why do you do this to me? Whatever. Let's get crackin.

Haha! I have conquered every word in your story! Bow to me!

Good story though. Maybe you should consider doing kind of an episodic thing though. Like a few chapters for one adventure and then a few note for the next. I loved the story, but a villain that only has any real screen time in the finale is hard to like.

Yeah, this was kind of an experiment to see if I could write a great big one-shot story. I think I did pretty well but I agree that Namor needed more screen time. (So to speak) Maybe, I'll do a rewrite at some point.

4733130 Sounds like a good idea. If you ever need to bounce ideas around I'm sure we could help each other out.

But u should do more chapters and that princsess doom be the frist villens.

Best! Superhero! Fimfiction! Story! EVAH! :pinkiehappy:


Would've made more sence to make Sombra Dr. Doom, instead of cadance

I disagree, when I finally get around to doing Fantastic Fillies 2 I want to paint Doom as more than a 2 dimensional villain. Cadance serves the purpose better in that regard. If I'd used Sombra there would be no question as to whether or not Sombra was the bad guy of the situation.

5275336 in the show, not all of Sombra was destroyed. His horn was seen flying off of e screen largely intact. I'm thinking cadence stumbled upon the horn by accident and it corrupted her into Cadence Von Doom, similar to nightmare moon, only with cadence being in full control and perfectly aware of what she's doing. Course that's just my opinion and not your story, so if you want just ignore this comment then go right ahead.

In my admitadly limited knowledge of the good doctor, he's not nessecarily a BAD ruler, even if he is trying to take over the world all the time. In most of what I know about him, he actually seems pretty indifferent to everything until he sees an opportunity, which he then takes advantage of.
Sorry for rambling and I hope to read the SEQUAL when it comes out.

5275336 now that I reread your answer, I can definatly see how Cadence fits this role. I do have a suggestion though, try giving her MPD, would help fill in some answers as to why she's evil now, and is the perfect picture of love and tolerance when around Twilight and the others.
Btw, MPD is Multi Personality Disorder

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