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In a Dark Alternate universe, The Windegos never invaded the original lands of the three tribes, Equestria was never created. The Elements of Harmony were never found. Discord never took over, Nitemare moon never revolted. Princesses Celestia and Luna were never born.

The three tribes are at each others throat in an understanding, that is tenacious at the best of times. War is coming, which side will you choose. But another force is watching and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Racism is rampant and hostilities quick to erupt. Luckily some ponies decided to make "Neutral zones", where any pony from any of the tribes can go to meet up.

Eventually, due to lack of proper soil, the Earth ponies moved to what would've called Equestria. After a while, the Unicorns and Pegasi moved there too. and once again hostilities flared. and once more Neutral towns were established, One in particular named Ponyville became the biggest neutral town in the area.

Notes: Absolutely NO Alicorn ocs. Earth, Unicorn, Pegasi or any others except Alicorns.
Any other notes will be in the Rules thread.

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My Unicorn filly is stuck in the alternate version of Ponyville and met Amethyst and the Doctor (dr. Hooves/Time Turner). Her name is litte Horn.

Zephyr, my pegasus, is stuck in the alternate version of Cloudsdale.

Any rules that I should follow? :rainbowderp:

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