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It's simple just role play. Rules are
1. Must have at least 2 people
2. Must have a sign-up sheet separate from the Role play thread
3. If you meet the said requirements, PM me and I will give it the go or the no.
4. If you need post (NSFW) in the title.

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Maybe we should make a section where we can fill out the character sheets? because I would love to get my Charmer into a game.

Can you please PM me the sign-up sheet I would like to RP as my pegasus OC Spark Tale. :pinkiehappy:

319138 RavenLight plays Zephyr's sister, a pegasus named Autumn Breeze.

Can some one send me a sign up sheet? I want to rp as Zephyr, my Pegasus. She's from the A Gentle Breeze of Change story I created.

  • Viewing 1 - 6 of 6
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