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Years before the events of that fateful Summer Sun Celebration, Ponyville was known for a train that appeared once a year and disappeared into the Everfree Forest. Many ponies say that it never existed, but when Spike see's the train Celestia asks for Twilight and her friends to investigate.

Chapters (8)
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I can already tell by the title that I’m going to love this story

Interesting premise.. Two things Twilight didn't deal with does Spoiled own the property to destroy the hill or just doing what she wants. Not sure about Ponyville but dropping a coffin in the river would break a number of laws in the US.. Also why didn't Twilight ask the Blacksmith about his mother and why she was buried on the hill


I plan on explaining more in the next few chapters, but Iron was busy at the forge.
Might be next chapter

8496493 I look forward to it though I ponder Twilight putting off dealing with Spoiled more firmly. After even 2 years I would've thought Twlight would've noticed how rarely Spoiled takes no for an answer

Seeing the words "Ghost Train" together will forever remind me of Thomas The Tank Engine

I like the cover art.

So far, so good.


cover art on Google. Can't find people to do one for free

May read this, might not. But i do like the premise

Fair warning, meant for Chapter 1 o be a build up so some stuff will won't be explained right then and there

Finaly someone here on this site who makes good a ghost train story. But to be fair, I think this is the only fanfic story like this that I know of. I love the story! Keep up the exellent work!:twilightsmile:

Love the story. Really looking forward to the next chapter.

can’t wait what she think of it.

ya, but spike well first see the ghost train when he gone for a walk or something

Your review is done, mate. You can find it here.


As for the Editor, I've tried many times. Never have luck. Editor groups and so on, I have the worst luck.

I did make a new version that I plan on actually turning into a story, which is being reviewed by a coworkers boyfriend.

As for the train brakes, this is a 4-4-0 American Locomotive (or in this case, Ponyville).

thanks for the honest review. I knew it wouldn't get accepted, but it also gave me a chance to see what I could do to improve it.

Literally, the only way I can get any honest reviews. lol

look like something gonna on of disappear train

Don't mean to be nitpicky, but Fluttershy seems too composed for something involving ghosts.

Just wait till chapter 3. That's when you see her scared. Reason for not being as scared is because Celestia calmed her when mentioning that this ghost wasn't vengeful, but it is something I'll work on for the next chapter

I hope it anything going okay?

mean like are they gonna break the curse and hid the two pony who die before they rest in peace? and who is this cold heart?

Cold Heart is a character of my own creation.

As for the other, only one person knows it and he's no longer on this site. You have to catch him on Facebook and he won't provide spoilers.

it be long. when you plan gonna to update more chapter? also what behind all the train crash and clod heart?

Be glad I took a class on understanding mixed up words.

So far the theory is dark magic from the old castle, but hard to tell about Cold Heart

that great chapter. i wonder what gonna happen next chapter?

great ending. now what you have plan on next story?

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