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As Rainbow Dash arrives in Cloudsdale for her Wonderbolt tryout, she's beyond nervous. Will she pass or embarrass herself in front of her idols? Including the one that she loves.

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“Women should stick with staying home being housewives.”

.....that guy must be living in a world of pain
also i seriously hope there will be a sequel:moustache:

4943462 Check out Calm Winds fics, and you'll find out.

I plan on a sequel.

4943486 I love his stories! And yours too!

4946918 I'll get one started when I have time.

Short and sweet and i sense a set up for a sequel :raritywink:

Haha yep, you definitely got the douche part of my Rapidfire down pat :rainbowlaugh: Although i did notice you changed him up a little. My Rapidfire is a womanizer and a creepy flirt. Your Rapidfire seems to be more against women in general, it's quite a contrast. But that's a good thing. You wanted to use a character similar to mine, but you put a different twist on him :eeyup: It worked well.

The characters were good and i liked the Soarin Dashie interactions, however i felt like Soarin punching Rapidfire out was kind of sudden. Yeah, he deserved it, and yes, he gets punched in the face in my stories too :rainbowlaugh: but it seemed rather quick. I feel Soarin would have retorted verbally first before getting physical. That and Spitfire just sort of lets him punch out a teammate without batting an eye.

Aside from that moment there was nothing in the story that seemed off. It was well done, nice and small, filled with a little action, and cute all at the same time.

Nicely done.:eeyup:


haha thank you! (You're username and avatar are quite fitting along with my current story :rainbowkiss:)

4948038 you most likely do not want to know what he said.

4948042 Oh gosh, I just realised that! XD! What would Soarin's princess title be?


Princess of Pie :rainbowwild: couldn't help it


Princess of MANLINESS! :rainbowdetermined2:

Princess of MANLINESS


4948281 I wanna know!:raritydespair:

4949298 trust me, you don't. What you saw was all you get.

4949587 I feel so incomplete.:fluttershbad:

4953467 if you saw, you'd want him dead.

4953490 But...! We already want him dead, so no worries.:rainbowwild:

4953548 in Cal Winds, yeah. Not yet in mine.


Not yet in mine.


I will never stick at home.. I MUST BE DIFFERENT:rainbowdetermined2:

5047369 trust me. This guy will be in major pain in the main story I'm doing.

Good, if not get all the girls to beat him up :ajsmug: :twilightsmile:

5047456 a few might. The Imperial 3rd Army commander will not be very merciful.

Finally someone speaks my language of violencen:pinkiesad2: jk jk, but seriously no one it I feel like

5051294 I'm working on the Cloudsdale chapters at this moment.

*Fluttershy voice* Yay :yay:

5052492 well, it's an uphill fight and urban warfare. not going to be easy.

That sounds like it will be interesting, very interesting :trixieshiftright:

5056539 first full take on urban warfare. I hear about it, but never fought it.

Sequel please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get ready for the #Review. =]

Here is your #review from the Pleasant Commentator and Review Group! I hope you enjoy it!

5973733 thanks for taking the time and sorry that it wasn't the best.

OHMYGOSH part has no space >.> I want to know why you didn't put a space there I see it's must be a fast paste speaking part. Although it was short >.> and it was alright.

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