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This story is a sequel to A Great Day

One month after Spike and Sweetie Belle confessed, they are getting ready for their first date. Spike also decides to tell Sweetie Belle a secret about his past. How will she take it?

Contains small hints of other couples.

Part 2 of my series.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 15 )

Finish this story most of the story's are only have baked ideas

4091854 This is the only chapter of the story. The sequel is up. Part 4 of the series is what is being worked on now.

It has writing issues, but Im always hooked by a good story. Hang in there!

so spike has dragon DNA what make him so different then others does it make changes to regular human or just his DNA different?:rainbowhuh:
also what the deal with :unsuresweetie: and :raritywink:'s parents and :pinkiecrazy:'s boyfriend?

4835850 all will be explained in due time. But you might want to wait until I get story 3 up and running.

It's alright. I have difficulty with some of the same issues you have in this, but I've gotten better. Perhaps I could be of assistance.

5286215 I meant to go back and fix a few things but forgot. It shouldn't take me long to make the fixes.

I like when the part where twilight screams that was funny.

Comment posted by OnlyButtonMash deleted Aug 27th, 2017

and nice going on showing the immaturity of ButtonBelle shippers.

Enjoy a good block and delete

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