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Firefly decides to visit her dear friend, Silver Wing. She brings Rainbow Dash along, hoping that she could befriend Silver's eight-year old son, Soarin.

What could go wrong?

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This has RD and Soarin. Why is there no romance tag?:rainbowwild::rainbowwild::twilightblush:

Comment posted by coolstorybrah deleted Jan 27th, 2015

5555319 have you read the story? theyre foals, they dont really think about that:twilightsheepish:
sorry but later on though:raritywink:

Awesome can't wait for next chapter:pinkiehappy:

Lol I knew that this was gonna be a friendshipping fic I was just messing around. :rainbowwild:

I see the potential, faved.

So I haven't red this yet but in the comments you sed that there would be romanc latter on, dose that mean that in latter chapters, or are you planing on finishing this story and makeing a sequel? :duck: :trixieshiftright:

5558225 no theyre not falling in love, but theyre gonna become besties and later on, something else.:raritywink:
but not on this, theres gonna be more stories of them as foals, so expect a lot of these stories.:pinkiehappy:
and their relationship will become stronger.
does that sound confusing?:rainbowlaugh:
sorry, im talking too much right now...:rainbowlaugh:

5558280 so no romance in this one and maybe in latter ones?

I won't throw a thumbs up your way because I believe it should be proofread a little more first. If you would like an editor, send me a PM. This is nice, but grammar mistakes always catches my attention, and usually keep me from voting if there's enough.

5558347 I'm sorry. It's just I'm not that good with editing and English, you said you would help me?

5558368 Sure. If you don't write in Google Docs, then start. It's easiest to edit with. Copy this and anything else you have so far into a doc and share it with me with the ability to comment or edit (I'll leave that choice to you). I'll PM you my email address.

5558398 yyayayayayayay!! Thank you very much!
Do you mind if I do it tomorrow though? It's kind of a free day at my school, so I have the time.

Well, that was a cliffhanger. Looking good so far, though! Can't wait to read the next chapter.

Comment posted by mil0sh deleted Jan 29th, 2015

5566219 sorry, one tiny question, can i do it in Microsoft Word or only google doc

Awwww, Dashie is super duper adorableeee.:twilightblush:
Can't wait for more. :)))

5566284 It's easiest for us to work together on gdocs.

5568186 okay thank you, sorry for the whole inconvinience, ill send it to you tomorrow
im truly sorry, ive just been very busy, and it wanst a free day at my school after all:twilightangry2:

Next Chapter... Please! *Dies of heart attack due to cuteness overload*

5577556 sorry for making you have a heart attack....:twilightsheepish:
next chapter will be out soon.:raritywink:
ive been pretty busy..:facehoof:

Awesome chapter!Btw, u remember me?Chu commented on my fic.Where's next chapter, I'm gonna go insane :pinkiecrazy:

5591098 yes I do.... :rainbowlaugh:
thanks sweettiiieee...:raritywink:

'1w' in the comments. Saturday/sunday.



5635753 heh, sorry...:twilightsheepish:
just been very busy with school and all that kind of stuff... life:facehoof:
its in progress though, so keep on the lookout!:pinkiegasp:


No problem... I have a story that's non-pony and not a fanfiction..

and it's probably been a week or two without me updating :twilightoops:

We shallt wait for thy story's next chapter. :yay:

why was it so short but gud and ill like to see a sequal to this lol

5820593 thanks!:twilightsheepish:
There's gonna be more chapters anyways

Seems like your having an extremely busy life right now XD I understand, just assuming coz this has been gone for awhile

nice start :pinkiehappy: i already love this

5879596 I wonder how streets up in the clouds work. :3

Anyway, this is so adorable! :heart: Love the little colt versions of everyone :heart:

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