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Sweetie Belle, the daughter of an inventor, finds a castle in the Everfree Forest. She soon meets the inhabitants, and the master of the castle, a dragon with a curse on him. Will she be able to help break the curse. Read and Find out.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 60 )

a Pony form for his regular self, and it will be an Alicorn

aaaaaaaaaaaaand you lost me, but ill still read anyway.

4621439 I have Spike as an Alicorn for these stories.

The Baker- Mr. Cake (bet you didn't see that coming)

No.. I didn't.

4621566 sorry. Had to be a little sarcastic.

4621720 Your welcome and I like how you introduced the cast.

Yay! Beauty and the Beast with Sweetie Belle(hey!) and Spike!!!!


4628367 I'm fearing for my sanity at the end of this.

XD I been through worst......

4628387 Trust me, first Luna gives me a heart attack, then we have the whole transforming issue, and now, Pinkie and her party cannon causing trouble. If I survive to the first intermission, I'll be lucky. If I make it to the end of the movie, It will be a miracle.

Then in that case, I'll pray for your safe escape of the movie!

4628534 Unfortunately, Celestia hired me to do these movies, so I'm stuck here. I just hope Luna doesn't try and kill me.

I love a good Beauty and the Beast story:twilightsmile:

4629572 I hope you survive until the end of the movie! XD

4629896 I really hope so, but with Pinkie around, no idea.

You're general writing style has improved a lot.:twistnerd:

4810581 thanks. any issues with the chapter you saw?

If you pardon me sir, why are you stopping on this? Are you gonna finish this after the other stories or not?:rainbowderp:

4810919 I'm doing a bunch of stories at once. I'm taking turns on updating, and this one is next.

Love it:moustache: I can start to see how much your stuff is improving

4817038 hopefully there wasn't any major issues with this chapter. And hopefully you liked Follow Focus's OC.:rainbowlaugh:

This is very good so far! Thanks for the sneak peek by the way:pinkiehappy:

4821414 you're welcome. was the picture an issue?

Love it :raritystarry:

just saying... you said Sweetie paid the camera guy 200 bits, but when he was counting them he only got to 100

4849262 That would be follow focus's OC. A brand new version of Flim Flam. I almost feel sorry for Button, but this chapter did teach a lesson.

5453959 I wondered when you'd comment on this one. XD
Don't tell Follow I stole his thing.

Sorry, been very lazy with my reading because of simply not having it as a high priority compared to other stuff, especially since school put limits on my time here.

I won't

Thanks. Your picture is getting delayed for the very same reason, I'm afraid. Got a math test (super important.), a ton of Spanish words and some pages to read and questions to answere about WW2 and the time in bewteen WW1 and WW2

5503327 what questions about WW2?
No worries. I've been working on a bunch of stuff recently as well.
Also, I ended up losing a few people that were offered an OC Spot on this story. Think you might be interested?

I don't know, actually. I think it's mostly about the time in between WW1 and 2.

5503394 I may know Civil War mostly, but I did study some of the second world war

5503395 A chance to have Daff or any other of your OC's in the story.


I'd love that, but who? Daffodil would probably be best, since she's the one who I have worked with the most and got the most established personality so to say.

5503652 Daff would work. When I need the next OC, you will be among the others that will get a chance that chapter, but only one might be chosen.

5504268 Just keep an eye out on my blogs for new OC's needed.

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