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362893 I suppose I set myself up for that one. When I walked into your shrine of the characters I honestly thought you had turned into some sick, twisted killer, but it just turned out that you were still the same.

I'm teh 1 wh0 intr0duc3d my l!ttle pwny to u anyw4yz.

362879 And what were you doing last night when I made this group, Chief?

Lies. Dirt33 dirt33 liar. :3

362846 Don't listen to Chief, he's just trying to get attention. This group is about the YouTube series "Arby 'n' the Chief". I'm sorry I didn't put up a description for the group; it was late and I had already been up for quite some time before.

Itz 4b0ut me and ur m0m K? k.

What is this group about? :unsuresweetie:

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