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This group is for the stories that have been around the block a few times but somehow don't have 100 views. Whether it's from bad writing or just not being noticed, these stories need more views.


-The story has to be at least a month old and has less than 100 views upon entering. Any stories that do not meet this will be removed.

-Place stories in the right folders

-All NSFW stories must go in the NSFW Folder.

-Advertising is encouraged, but only for stories that belong in this group. Any advertising for stories that don't belong will be locked and warning given to the user who posted it.

-Any fighting in the forum will have the thread locked and a warning will be given to the troublemakers.

-Three warning will lead to a three-day ban.

-Three bans will lead to a permanent ban.

If you are interested in being an admin, just PM me.

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