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Ah, the Playstation 2.

Many fond memories were had with this delightful console. While Nintendo Gamecube had their Super Smash Bros. and their Legend of Zelda games, and the Xbox their Halo, we had many wonderful and exciting worlds to explore. From the artistic land of Nippon in Okami, to the hilarious universe of our lovable lombax, Ratchet, to the exciting thrill of exploding everything in your path in the world of Strangereal in Ace Combat, there was no end to the fun in the early 2000's.

This group is dedicated to sharing our moments when we were up late at night with friends, trying to see who was better in Mortal Kombat Shaolin Warriors.

To trying to find that last collectible.

To sharing cheat codes and insane theories of how to resurrect a character that you liked who died.

To spend 80 hours trying to defeat a boss and failing, and deciding to try one last time, only to win and move on to the next level, which contained another level. Which had another hard boss. and you just remembered that you forgot to stock up on your potions. And you also forgot to save after the last boss.

Ah, memories.

Note: While this group is meant more as a forum, if there are stories wanting to be posted, the generally ruling is they have to be releted to the Playstation 2. If they were an exclusive, they are put in the Exclusives folder. If they were not, they are put in the general folder. Once multiple stories are posted, they will be sorted into sub-folders according to their series.

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I thought it was pretty good, but Jak 3 is by far my fifth favorite game of all time, right after Shadow of The Colossus, Team Fortress 2, Kingdom Hearts II, and Final Fantasy X. Ah, memories...

I still have my PS2, and I love it slightly more than most of my consoles, if purely for the fact that it was my first console. I still love the original Jak and Daxter and consider it one of my favourite platformers ever made.

Still have my PS2

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