This is were you can post pics of models planes and storys like HIE but HIE with planes tell me what will the mane 6
think of a fighter jet faster rainbow or slow as her but deadly and a plane to hold peaple or ponies to place thay want to go and
planes that fight for freedom so i want to hear of your storys of the planes in the list below

fighter jets
civi planes
WW2 planes
WW1 planes

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do you think F-20 tigershark is better then a F-20E

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Rave Fortress 10 hours is my theme

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okay the folder is done dude add a story

there you go add a story

okay i will get a folder

i look up how to load my story to this group, put since you don't have a folder it wont let me. so when you find the time, can you make a folder to put storys in?

wright a link to your story silly :pinkiehappy:


Can you tell me how to add a story to this group? It's about a Blue Angle pilot crashing a TBM Avenger and ending up in equestria. I also plan on giving him ether a Stuka (to scare the crap out of the ponies) or a spitfire (as he's British and spitfires are RAF planes)

i need help with a new story i am making called Scootaloo finds a F-14A model


Hawk T2 is a training jet. Every single 'Fighter' (Christ that term is gonna be out used soon.) Jet goes past mach one. only fighter I can think of deadly but slow is the spitfire mustang and the Stuka.

Also the fact im a prince now bitch.

Don't forget Smiles.

Also, 'that ninja creep'?
Epsy is awesome, sweet, smart as hell and cute besides (and behind :rainbowkiss:). What've you got that matches up? :trixieshiftleft:

Also, if Dash is breaking the sound barrier, she's going at least Mach 1 by definition. :rainbowhuh:


There there lumiy. Its all fine. You still have your harem with that ninja creep and stiggy.

....P.S Fighter jet slower than rainbow dash......Uhhh. Considering the slowest I know of is the Hawk T2 which goes mach 0.9....I'd say thats still faster than her.

I used to have faith in humanity.

Then knighty removed notifications and forced us to look at all the new groups being made. Presumably just in a cunning roundabout plan to make us see the horror under the friendly community facade.

Now I cry myself to sleep. :fluttercry:

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