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This is a group where all the dead fanfic of FIMFiction can have a second chace. Is there a fic you liked that was canclled or the author died? Than you can send it here where they can hopefully find a new author.

1. If the story was cancelled and the author is still around than ask the author for permission to continue the fic before doing so.

2. If the author is dead and there is no way of getting in touch with him than continue the fic anyway. However make sure you send a private message stating that you are continuing a story of theirs. (An author is offically dead if he/she hasn't been seem or heard from in over five months.)

3. When continuing a story make sure that you give credit to the original author in the description.

4. If a dead author suddenly comes back and asks for you to stop continuing their story than do so. It is their's to begin with and it's their choice.

5. DO NOT TURN A SERIOUS AND GREAT STORY INTO A TROLL FIC ON PURPOSE. The original authors worked hard to make these stories and deserve your respect.

6. It is first come, first serve when it comes to who continues what fanfic. (Suggestion: If the fanfic is high quality than make sure that you at least believe you have the writing skills to keep it at that quality.)

7. Be polite and civil during discussions and such.


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This seems interesting.:pinkiesmile:

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