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A project that may or may not happen, MLP: Friendship Forever is an attempt to make a fan made series.

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July 26th we will start writing the story(also it's my Birthday then so....):moustache:

AnyPony in Manchester goin to the manechester meetups, in July?

360548 I'm British so I don't have a problem, just sayin if you don't want to you don't have too:pinkiehappy:

360529 I like British. Don't judge me!

Hopefully goin to BUCK(Brony UK Convention), see all ya English lads in Manechester :twilightsmile:

360450 Thank you, it's appreciated

360437 Don't exactly have to be british, but it would help...

Okay wel I'm not an animator but I can help with the script.

360238 I'm a great voice actress, and British accents are fun to do

360281 well the script is underway, but I'm only 13 I'm not exactly Jk Rowling, so help would be nice, also animating is gonna be a small problem, all help is welcome

Great so what do I do?

Our extras group has arrived Dictate... i mean Governed by Yours truly :twilightsmile:
the group is called MLP FF (XTRA) if anyone is interested:twilightsmile:

Well, the YouTube has started.......
But not the vids....

360156 Buck yea anyone can!!!:pinkiehappy:

Add me on Skype if you wan't to know much more:
/\/ / /\/ _//\ Ark Boss
I live in England so the time zones will be a little different :derpytongue2::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

I'm amazed at how many people we have already, thank you so much, lets try and make this into something good!

359904 Thank you, we need the characters, but if we make an animated series who will voice act? And another problem is that I don't have the program or capabilities(yet) to animate

360156 anypony can join, and the first 25 get to become characters if the animated series is done

Oh and can anyone join?

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