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Pinkie Pie has had her turn consulting the Choosing Stone, and to her delight, her intended is Cheese Sandwich. Her family accepts this, regardless of whether or not they like him, and while Cheese himself has doubts about a magic rock dictating his path, he does like the idea of being Pinkie's husband.

However, when an invitation gets somehow sent to the parents that Cheese and his brother estranged themselves from, problems with wedding planning erupt when the Pies and the Sandwiches disagree on one too many things.

Cue two party ponies trying to keep the peace.

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Comments ( 8 )

And one day the hoard of party ponies brithed by these two shall take over the world! Seriously I always see Pinkie being a prolific breeder, having multiple sets of twins and triplets. Also see AJ having a hoard of yougins but only one at a time.

If I went to the choosing stone it would blow up because of all the pussy I get

This basically = My Big Fat Greek Wedding: MLP Version

Yup, this one's definitely my fault. Sorry about that; I do have a tendency to accidentally inspire people.

Still, definitely looking forward to more of this. The Choosing Stone ceremony was very nicely done in its solemnity, though I have to wonder if you've ever mentioned Maud and Limestone's husbands before.

So they will be coming together in a fortnight right? Or will the party planning ponies take a more podding pace?

Hmm... when the wedding comes, will Rainbow bring Quibble as a date? :rainbowhuh:

I’m kidding. I can’t wait to see more of this!

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