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A goofy little miss that's here to write and draw to her heart's content. Her imagination doesn't know when to shut off.


Based on Erutanlon's story Brave Nocturne. Written as part of The Springtime Sequel-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo.

Studious dreamwalker Luna is not a very big fan of local class clown Party Favor. She always viewed him as an airhead who disrupted class and never took things seriously. She'd rather progress in her magical studies and expand her talent than have anything to do with his frivolous nonsense.

Still, one night, she ends up learning more about him than she expected.

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At the Daring Do convention, Rainbow Dash makes a new friend named Quibble Pants. Both eager to meet a fellow die-hard, they spend the day doing various activities together, looking at and buying merchandise, and geeking out over their favorite heroine.

However, a playful jump in the rock pit leads them on an unexpected detour.

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Pinkie Pie has had her turn consulting the Choosing Stone, and to her delight, her intended is Cheese Sandwich. Her family accepts this, regardless of whether or not they like him, and while Cheese himself has doubts about a magic rock dictating his path, he does like the idea of being Pinkie's husband.

However, when an invitation gets somehow sent to the parents that Cheese and his brother estranged themselves from, problems with wedding planning erupt when the Pies and the Sandwiches disagree on one too many things.

Cue two party ponies trying to keep the peace.

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It was just an ordinary day in Equestria when slumber happened.

A powerful dream demon named Mara had escaped her prison, and has trapped Princess Luna in that very same prison. She's making the ponies play a widespread game in the dreamscape, where teams of siblings have to clear the crazy wonderland of the dreamscape if they want to wake up from the slumber, dodging every sort of nightmare made to feel all too real to them.

And the catch is that should you die in this game, you do not wake up.

And the ponies have a week until their bodies die, rendering their souls unable to return.

It's a race against time for the citizens of Equestria, as they brave the dangers of the dreamscape, forging bonds with friends, family, and strangers, and finding themselves in places they never thought they'd be in. But with the line blurred between fantasy and reality, the threat of being truly harmed by their own nightmares, and the fear of losing their loved ones being all too real, there's no telling what'll happen in this game Mara created.

Contains some CheesePie and SugarFavor. Any other ships are up in the air.

I am unfortunately unable to tag more than five characters on this thing, even though there are some separate stories focusing on a few different groups in this mind game. Oh, well.

Rated T just to be safe.

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When I was but a little colt, I just wanted to play...

And play little colt Cheese Sandwich did, his playmate being his curious and hyperactive brother, Tomato Sandwich. Long before his years as a super duper party pony, Cheese took on the role of being a super duper big brother, making sure that little Tommy was safe, happy, and most importantly, loved.

Though he enjoyed spending time with him, his brotherly duties were taxing, especially since he was just a child. Between making sure that Tommy doesn't kill himself in recklessness, having to deal with some of his annoying episodes, making sure he didn't break any of Mom's knickknacks, and keeping his lonely and bully-ridden school life a secret so that Tommy didn't worry, Cheese could get rather exhausted.

Still, there was no way he'd trade his baby bro and their playtimes for the world.

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'Twas the day after Hearth's Warming, on a day full of chills
A downhearted Cheese Sandwich returned to Ponyville

During the holiday, he didn't get much sleep
As he worried heavily about the promise he couldn't keep

He was not happy to hear that a large snowdrift had blocked the train
And his efforts to get home to his wife Pinkie Pie were in vain

Though his brother Tomato was nice enough to let him stay at his house
Poor Cheese still felt sick that he had disappointed his own children and spouse

So as he went home, just a single day late
He hoped that his family wouldn't be angry that they had to wait.

Sudden inspiration to write a Hearth's Warming CheesePie fic has struck me. Enjoy.

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Hearth's Warming is considered the most wonderful time of the year. It's especially true in Our Town, where the holidays promise an opening of a new ski resort and a plethora of family reunions. Everypony is anxious to rebuild old relationships and show them their home, and spend the snowy days in the comfort of their homes and the warmth of family love.

With the exception of Sugar Belle, who doesn't want anything to do with her father.

When Party Favor realizes that Sugar Belle would be lonely on Hearth's Warming, he, Double Diamond, and Night Glider conspire to have their friend be a part of each of their families for a short time, so that she would have somepony to celebrate with.

Still, with Party Favor still having tensions with his own father, Night Glider clashing with her sister, and Double Diamond trying to make sure the opening goes smoothly while simultaneously keeping his siblings under control, Sugar Belle is not sure that plan would go smoothly.

Warning, ship alert! This story has a bit of SugarFavor, so read at your own risk.
Takes place before The Cutie Re-Mark.

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Winter tends to be a little cold, even in the seaside town of Halterside. The beach sand was frozen, the ocean colder than normal, the lighthouse covered in frost and given a haunting glow at night, and the rest of the town would be under a blanket of snow, awaiting the day that they'd begin their Winter Wrap Up.

Naturally, ponies would gravitate toward warmth. A colt named Silver Shill knew that very well, and thus, he attempts to run a cocoa stand at the town's Hearth's Warming Festival, with the drinks made by his late father's special recipe. After all, it was a delicious mix, and his Pop had always loved to serve it.

He may be in a little over his head. Still, it's a tradition, and he's going to continue it. Maybe it would help him get a handle on a recent tragedy, or impress that pretty little cousin of his neighbor's.

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Party Favor has a problem.

Despite coming from a family of mages and magicians, he has difficulty using magic. Scratch that, his horn doesn't even work. In fact, for all the nothing that his horn does, he might as well be an earth pony. And that easily makes him the laughingstock of the other unicorns, including his brother.

But perhaps his talents lie not with magic, but with something else entirely.

Inspired by a random observation while watching "The Cutie Map".

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One word. One word can be all it takes for an author's imagination to go wild. One word opens the possibilities for endless stories of new worlds and grand adventures, a story that could suck the reader in and take them on an unforgettable ride. One word could lead to a thousand, a thousand that could paint a picture, create a person, and explore the world. Yes, one word has the ability to steer us in a beautiful and creative direction.

Or, they could just lead to silly little drabbles like this.

Join Sketcha-Holic as she scribbles down some silly scenes involving some of your favorite ponies inspired by just one word, if only to celebrate the anniversary of her joining of this wonderful website. They won't be world-changing, but they'll make you smile.

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