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Cheese Sandwich is a very busy stallion. With his Cheesy Sense dragging him to every corner of Equestria, he doesn't spend as much time with his wife Pinkie Pie and his little foals as he'd like.

But when he does come home, his son and daughter are always there to greet him.

As well as a bunch of their friends.

Little CheesePie oneshot that I've had in my head for months.
Cover art by me.

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Definitely cute at ANY time of year!

Although I hope Cheese takes a bath, or he's going to catch a heck of a cold, or worse.

Loads of cute and fluffy in this one!

Aaww this was pretty sweet. I can see Cheese being an awesome father.

Cute one shot. Fudge and Pizza sure have a lot of friends! I feel kinda sorry for Cheese. Poor guy just wants to go home. Nice to read another story from you again.

The problem with a magnetic personality is that sometimes you get covered in iron filings. By which I apparently mean children.

In any case, most adorable. Thank you for it.

Aww! Some many foals! Cheese just wants to get to his Pinkie!:rainbowkiss::heart:

What can we say he's good with kids! Poor cheesie he just wanted to be with his family. :fluttershysad:

Cuteness...too much...CUTENESS!!! *dies from cuteness*

I was drawn in by the title, since I used to sing that almost every Father's Day at church. :twilightsmile: It brought back memories.

I loved seeing Cheese's interaction with the kids! :pinkiehappy:


This is a really cute story. When does it take place, about 5-10 years in the future from the end of Season Four?

And do you have any thoughts on the names and families of the other children?

I think the story emotionally rings very true.


it's warmth and beauty

Possessive: "its"

This is so adorable *squee*:pinkiehappy:

Love this story, despite the coldness that seems to be growing in Michigan around this time of year, this story definitely leaves a warm feeling in my heart.

Some reason when I read this I thought of your story where Pinkie and her foals are dead

5384714 There is a connection, in a way. There are those who like CheesePie, and then there are those of us who are HARD-CORE. Anyway, I'm not sure who started it, exactly, but a bunch of us started tossing around things and Sketcha-Holic mentioned the idea that foals might like to chew on party pony tails and manes because they taste good, and I asked if I could use that and she said sure, and what came out was Triple Threat. Triple Slam was the sad alternative to Triple Threat, where things don't go so well.

So--yes, there are a bunch of us who overthink these things.

As a preschool teacher who is adored by upwards of 12 rowdy toddlers at a time, this is how I feel trying to go on break. As soon as I try to leave is when they all pester me!
I lay on the floor and they all flop on me. At least one tries to sit on my face and once the snuggles begin theres no end. Digging your way our of a pile of kids should be a feat of strength, I tell ya.

Anywho, this story was ADORABLE. Like WOW. This is why I work with 2 years and younger because once they can go to the bathroom on their own and talk, they all of the sudden think they are too good for school and refuse to listen.

I feel ya, Cheese. Hang in there!

Probable parents:
Pokey Pierce

This is too cute! :heart: Ironically, it IS Fathers day today :rainbowderp:

5382089 well, actually, Cheese's cutiemark is representative of an accordion, and therefore, his talent with polka and such. img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140203132731/mlp/images/2/24/Cheese_Sandwich_cutie_mark_crop_S4E12.png
See, the grill marks are the black keys, and the cheese is the billows.

Not bad, but this one didn't do anything for me. It was a little too simple for me. Cheese gets ambushed by children on his way home is basically all that can be said about it.

Spotted one error.

He watched as Pizza tried to come to Cheese's rescue by trying to clamp onto Pinhead's tail, ONTO for his teeth to keep missing the wavy

Should be 'only"

Fudge produced a yellow ribbon, and Cheese immediately took it and tied her mane into a small, but curly ponytail--or rather a "bunny tail". When he was finished, he said, "Okey-dokey, it's done. Say, you two didn't answer my question of where Mommy is!"

You know, dads attempting to do their daughters' hair has been quite a trendy internet discussion topic lately.

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