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A goofy little miss that's here to write and draw to her heart's content. Her imagination doesn't know when to shut off.

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Birthday Bios: ....ME! · 12:52pm Aug 21st, 2016

Hello, everybody, today’s my birthday! :pinkiehappy:

Now, instead of giving a full-blown biography like I do with my OCs, I’m going to do something different. Due to just turning 22, I am going to give you 22 Facts about Sketcha-Holic!

Let’s go!

1. I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormon).

2. I come from a family of six—two parents and four kids. I’m the second oldest in general, but I’m the oldest daughter. My poor brother is the only boy.

3. According to my grandmother, I was grasping a pencil correctly and already drawing when I was eighteen months. The next few years had me drawing a lot of ducks for some reason.

4. I started off on writing and creating stories when I was six or seven. The earliest story I can remember is one where a cat and dog are friends, and then some creep in a trench coat came and inflated the cat until he exploded. The dog was sad, the end.

5. I tended to keep to myself when I was little. This was due to autism, which still affects me today.

6. When I did get into mischief, it was usually to eat raisins, brown sugar, or pie crust. Or play with eggs or a cantaloupe. I stopped liking raisins, by the way.

7. I am very ticklish. My Dad loved to exploit this when I was little, usually by way of a “break the pickle” game. There was absolutely no way that any of his kids would win that game—we got tickled no matter what.

8. Out of my scars, I have a mysterious one on the back of my right hand (nobody remembers where it came from), on my head (age five; friend of mine threw a five pound weight and hit me on accident), my chin (age nine; I was leaning on a towel rock and needed stitches), knee (age seven; fell and scraped my knee), and a couple from a childhood case of chicken pox.

9. I was obsessed with Disney Sing-A-Long videos when I was small, and grew up watching a lot of Disney movies and listening to Radio Disney. I am still very fond of Disney in general.

10. My dad listened to a lot of Garth Brooks and Billy Joel, so I ended up growing up listening to those (typically on road trips). GB’s “Ain’t Going Down (Til the Sun Comes Up)” was one that we kids always danced to (and for some reason, I always imagined the Pringles logo singing it…)

11. Me and my siblings listened to Backstreet Boys a lot when we were kids. I still listen to it these days, mostly because of nostalgia.

12. I’ve never been on an airplane. Whenever we went anywhere, even out of state, we drove.

13. I’ve always been fond of cheese, specifically cheddar. I couldn’t go a day without having a slice or a sandwich. This makes the name of my favorite pony, Cheese Sandwich, that much more hilarious for me.

14. Speaking of Cheese Sandwich, I first heard some songs by his voice actor, Weird Al, when I was around ten. My brother had rented a CD and we listened and laughed at songs like “Eat It” and “I Love Rocky Road”. And then I subsequently forgot about the artist until my cousin made him on our Wii several years later. So, I didn’t have much background on Weird Al when Pinkie Pride aired…

15. My favorite kind of restaurant is a buffet. Despite me being this puny thing that still looks like she’s fourteen, I like to eat—but I’m a very picky eater, so I appreciate a restaurant that presents a variety of food for everyone in my family to enjoy.

16. I’ve always loved cartoons, and have appreciation for any well-written animated kids’ shows. Some of my favorite shows when I was a kid that I look back on fondly were The Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Ben 10, and more. These days, aside from MLP, I also enjoy things like Miraculous Ladybug and The Loud House.

17. I have created A LOT of characters over the years. Among my ideas were a superhero team made up of rodents, a family based on the fifty states, a set of octuplets, several groups of friends with frankly little purpose, a trio with a magic wish-granting seed, an eight-year-old daredevil robot, and more. This is essentially how my ponysona earned her cutie mark at the age of eight.

18. When I become a big fan of something and make OCs, I usually end up exploding with a million of them. Just look at my Birthday Bio list and see what I’m talking about. Other examples include Mr. Men and Pokémon.

19. I read a lot as a kid, mainly because there were a lot of subjects that I found absolutely fascinating, like history and natural disasters. Historical fiction is my absolute favorite book genre, because it feels like I’m exploring another time period.

20. I have a favorite stuffed animal—a small, blue, patriotic teddy bear that I named Blueberry. My sister convinced Grandma to buy it for me on a trip to Mount Rushmore—the day before my eighth birthday too!

21. My favorite sports are badminton and bowling. I don’t play them in some team or whatever, I just think they’re a lot of fun. I’m also fond of swimming.

22. I don’t tan; I burn.

Okey-dokes, that’s basically the story of my life. :pinkiesmile:

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Happy birthday! Here's to many more. :twilightsmile:

Happy Happy Birthday

Happy 22nd Birthday! :pinkiehappy:

You're almost 30 years younger than me. It'll be my 52nd on Oct 30th.

I'm an atheist. You probably knew that already. If you didn't, I hope this doesn't make you dislike me.

I hold a pen "wrongly," I've been told. It's not the entirely classic posture. Yet I can write pages and pages of manuscript without getting writer's cramp, and my handwriting is very precise. It may halp that I have big strong hands. My wife has commented on the size and strength of those hands.

I write a lot. Can't draw very well, though.

I started writing little stories and comic books when I was a child, don't remember when. None were very good, though.

The earliest story I wrote that I can remember was "Splash" about a worldwide flood that forced everyone to live in floating houses and in boats. Rather like Stephen Baxter's Flood but far less dark, as I was maybe 6-8 at the time. You're the first person I've mentioned this to in decades.

How autistic are you? I have several friends who are to varying degrees.

I like sugar and similar things way too much -- given that I'm diabetic. Once when I was depressed I ate something like half a pound to a pound of sugar in a single sitting. This was in part because I really like the taste of sugar. Subsequently, I was sick for three days. I never did that again.

This is the sort of learning experience that most people have at five or six. I was in my mid-forties. Clearly, I am a SO OPER-genius.

I love Disney movies and songs. My wife and I are both huge Disney fans. Did you ever get to see the Disney Afternoon shows? Darkwing Duck, Tale Spin, Aladdin, Hercules (the last two TV series), that sort of thing?

I never flew on an airplane until I was 36, when I took a plane trip to Texas from NY to meet an online friend.

I'm a huge fan of cheese, especially on pizzas or otherwise melted over other food. Mozzarella, ironically, is one of my favorite cheeses. I also like provalone, cheddar and feta. Yes, I know where feta comes from.

Interestingly, my wife was sickly when born and had digestive problems. Goat milk was one of the things that saved her life.

I didn't know her then. Even though I theoretically could have, because I'm 19 years older than her. We lived a continent apart back then. She sometimes wishes she'd met me when she was younger than she actually was (I was 40 and she 21 when we really met).

Buffets are awesome. I will actually fast the day I'm planning on going to a buffet so that I can appreciate the food better.

I love cartoons as well. I've never really understood the attitude that cartoons are inherently stupid or childish just because of the format. I find a lot of supposedly for-adults TV far stupider than the better cartoons. I'm not even talking about the yell-at-each-other daytime talk shows, I'm talking about "serious" TV drama.

You are clearly centered on characterization as the main element in writing. I was centered on setting and theme. MLP:FIM fanfic writing taught me the importance of characterization. And friendship, for that matter, though I knew that to some degree before. I guess I mean that characters are defined both by their own personalities and by the web of relationships they choose to build with others.

I too am very pale-skinned. Rosanna even more than me.

Happy birthday! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, I knew that. I have friends in real life that don't share the same beliefs I do, so you're cool. I personally dislike people on what kind of attitude they exhibit; I cannot stand arrogance or whininess.

That story you wrote as a kid sounds cute and interesting. Kind of a bittersweet ending, but pretty nice.

I'm a high-functioning autistic. Had some help along the way from Special Ed folks and speech therapists, but I can pass for normal. Though, I have a terrible stutter, I do still get randomly mute during conversations, and getting crowded or hounded with a question gets past 'uncomfortable' for me and dives straight to 'upsetting'. In any case, I have problems starting a conversation, and I usually rely on my drawings or stories to start one.

I might have seen the Disney Afternoon shows, but I was little, so I can't remember most of them. I just remember a Darkwing Duck Christmas Special, a Goof Troop Christmas Special, and this one episode of Aladdin where he turns into some sea monster? Shark? I don't know, it was just bizarre. :rainbowderp:

I found other cheeses best when they're combined with some sort of tomato sauce on a dish like pasta or pizza. Hehe, reminds me of this one post on tumblr I saw that said that "cheese and tomatoes are the perfect combination". Which is hilarious to me for obvious reasons.

I once wrote a paper on why it's unfair that animation is overlooked and judged harshly because it's "for kids". always found it weird that whenever my brother caught me watching cartoons as a teenager, he told me to "grow up". I actually point-blank told him "No" at one point, because what form of entertainment I preferred was a stupid way to indicate my maturity. As long as the writing is good, why should I care if it's animated or not?

And truth be told, most live action sitcoms or reality shows either bore or annoy me. Usually the live action shows I watched were on Animal Planet or the History Channel (before they were overrun with stupid reality shows, argh!).

Characterization and character dynamics are always fun. :pinkiehappy: There are a gazillion ways to combine personality traits and many dynamics that can be born with two or more characters, and I'm seeing how much I can do.

What's funny about my skin is that it takes forever to even get a hint of a tan, but I have a lot of freckles on my arms. Still, I get at least one sunburn every summer. I need to wear sunscreen better.

“¡Get your hooves up, party’s starting out right now!”
“¡Everypony, everypony get down!”
“¡Time to make a wish, better make it right now!”
“¡It’s been an year and today is your birthdayparty!”

“¡Make a wish, it’s your birthday!”
“¡Make a wish, it’s your birthdayparty!”
“¡Make a wish, it’s your birthday!”
“¡Make a wish, it’s your birthdayparty!“

Happy Birthday! You road trip, eh?

Roadtrip to Pacific PonyCon next year!

Happy Birthday!

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