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Who Wants to See Babies? · 5:48am Feb 25th, 2022

I'm just poppin' in to talk about our livestock.

Anyway, remember the fact that we have sheep?

Remember how we have two ewes and a ram?


This little guy is Pongo. He's Lemon's baby, and we named him what we did because each one of us thought "Dalmatian" when we first saw him.

And these twins are Angus (laying down) and Bessie (standing). They're Gabby's, and we named them cattle names because my sister had a dream that Gab had a calf. :rainbowlaugh:

Pongo's older by four weeks (and is doing really well and is taking the winter weather this week like a champ), and the twins were born Monday morning.

We are a bit worried about Angus, because Gabby doesn't seem to like him that much (his sister seems to like him, though). He's managed to sneak enough milk to be doing all right, but my sister Artsy Notes, who we have dubbed the sheep mom, is on standby to bottle feed him should the situation get bad enough.

Anyway, those are the babies. We're gonna get too attached for our own good.

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please tell them I love them especially Pongo.

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