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Hi there! My name is Pinkamena Diane Pie, the boss of this Rock Farm. I'm so glad you've come to work here! We've had a disappearance lately, and I... I don't want to think about it right now. We've got a new guard now, but she'll never be as good as her...

Never mind my blabbering! I hope you have a nice time here, just try not to mention anypony named Fluttershy around anypony. Most of the ponies here can get a little jumpy.

Enjoy your stay, because it won't be ending anytime soon...

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410980 I'll say it is! It won second place in the Audio Drama contest! Check out Born of Rock on my page!

wait I can't even add them cause there aren't any folders. I'll just put a link here


could you let me know if this story is good enough for this group please?

I have a story I wanna add here but I don't know if it's appropriate. That group description isn't too clear.

I'll add it and if the admin deems it not good enough he can remove it at any time without any hard feeling

I would like to submit a story here.

I'm very intrigued. This is the first group that might have a story line behind it :pinkiecrazy:

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