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"So, If You're From Ponyville...Why Are You Human?"

Hey there! I'm Summer Dancer and I just want to share my love for the mlp characters and the magical world of Equestria. I'm also a big fan of the EQG universe, so that tends to pop up once and a while, but I always make sure I balance human with pony. I enjoy writing comedy because like my favorite party horse, I like to share a laugh. I'm Christian and I adore the art of film, which has become my major.

I'm not so big on collabs because I spend most of my time working on projects for school but I'll definitely participate in something if I have the time :pinkiehappy:

And...yeah! I hope you enjoy what I put out and I hope we can become good friends!

Groups I'm Running:


Sugar Belle

Cutie Mark Seniors

The Party Pony Platoon

The Pie Sisters

Team Shadowbolts

Pinkie's Library

Pinkie and Sonata

EQG Pinkie Pie

The Unicorner

The Pegasanctuary

Team Wondercolts

Legend of the Everfree

The Earth Princesses

Mother/Sister Figures

Lyra and Bon Bon BFFs

The Heteros

Protect Flurry!

Sunset and Sunburst

Psych Stuff!

  • Hitched Rainbow Dash and Soarin are getting married, but things can get pretty dicey when a new threat appears and Spitfire and Fleetfoot are forced to join the other mane six as bridesmaids. by Summer Dancer 12,501 words · 1,657 views · 60 likes · 15 dislikes
  • Into The Forest In the fall of the year of the dragon, six individuals (The mane six, if you will) ventured unthinkably deep into the unknown part of the Ever free forest to investigate claims that Bigfoot had established residency there...they made a huge mistake. by Summer Dancer 13,225 words · 322 views · 15 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Lyra Screws Up Big Time Things go from bad to worse when Lyra's new boss...whom she found dead in his office. And Lyra's DNA is all over the crime scene. by Summer Dancer 13,894 words · 502 views · 35 likes · 1 dislikes

The Burn Books!

  • T Sungaged

    Sunburst is thinking about proposing to Starlight, but mentor Twilight and big sister Sunset have mixed feelings about the whole thing.  · Summer Dancer
    10,537 words · 4,462 views  ·  452  ·  18
  • E Goodnight, Knuckleheads

    Starlight tucks Twilight and Spike in for the night.  · Summer Dancer
    1,937 words · 3,445 views  ·  416  ·  9
  • E Sweet Dreams

    After the changeling invasion, Starlight becomes a little too protective over Twilight.  · Summer Dancer
    2,297 words · 3,250 views  ·  344  ·  15
  • E Love You Too, Doofus

    After a close call on a map mission, Rainbow Dash and Applejack struggle to express how much they care about each other in the most "cool" way possible.  · Summer Dancer
    1,167 words · 879 views  ·  121  ·  3
  • T Back Off

    When Zephyr hits on Rainbow Dash at Wonderbolt Headquarters, Soarin isn't sure on how to feel.  · Summer Dancer
    1,855 words · 5,391 views  ·  353  ·  15
  • E Nothing We Can Say

    Rainbow's name has been cleared, but begins to suffer a different kind of guilt.  · Summer Dancer
    2,165 words · 4,009 views  ·  189  ·  9
  • E Snip Snip

    Marble Pie styles Pinkie's hair.  · Summer Dancer
    2,084 words · 1,983 views  ·  166  ·  2
  • E Sunburned

    Starlight Glimmer is thinking about dating Sunburst, Sunset Shimmer's little brother. This doesn't sit well with big sis. At all.  · Summer Dancer
    3,705 words · 9,214 views  ·  745  ·  15
  • T Balloons

    The spirits of the mane six are finally released after 35 years of imprisonment.  · Summer Dancer
    3,272 words · 3,031 views  ·  138  ·  6 · gore
  • T Code Blue

    Pinkie Pie must find Sonata a new bra.... now.  · Summer Dancer
    7,715 words · 12,563 views  ·  939  ·  37
  • T Roses Are Red, Dummy!

    Soarin has liked Rainbow Dash for some time. Unfortunately, she's really bad at picking up romantic hints, much to everyone's slight annoyance.  · Summer Dancer
    3,927 words · 3,045 views  ·  299  ·  17
  • T Suncered

    While babysitting Twilight's niece, Princess Flurry heart, Sunset Shimmer lets a colorful word slip by accident.  · Summer Dancer
    4,185 words · 8,919 views  ·  657  ·  8
  • E The WORST Roommate

    Sunset Shimmer says goodbye to sleep at camp when she accidentally takes on Midnight Sparkle as a bunk mate.  · Summer Dancer
    3,131 words · 4,762 views  ·  424  ·  23
  • E Sandbox

    A young Sunset Shimmer is stuck foalsitting a pesky little unicorn.  · Summer Dancer
    3,045 words · 6,901 views  ·  872  ·  9
  • E Maybe

    When Flash is left alone once again, another student comforts him, like always.  · Summer Dancer
    1,767 words · 2,071 views  ·  228  ·  11


  • T A Pie Without Filling

    Pinkie comes home after a visit to an old friend, but something seems to be bothering her.  · Amethyst_Dawn
    1,353 words · 509 views  ·  54  ·  4
  • E Snugglepuss

    There's just some things you can't out grow.  · TheNewYorkBrony
    2,329 words · 2,626 views  ·  313  ·  14
  • T Promises

    What would you do to protect someone you cared about?  · RaylanKrios
    33,504 words · 8,843 views  ·  740  ·  18
  • T May I Have This Dance?

    Pinkie Pie attends a New Year's party with her friends, hosted by one of her old friends, who seems to be coming onto her...  · Nordryd
    2,923 words · 888 views  ·  88  ·  9
  • E Live to Be Reformed Another Day

    Chrysalis promises Starlight a worse fate than anypony could possibly imagine. Then she sort of escapes.  · Fire Gazer the Alchemist
    1,221 words · 4,884 views  ·  662  ·  15
  • T The Sword Coast

    With a price on Twilight Sparkle’s head and the shadow of death on her heels, her only hope for salvation is the Magic of Friendship. (Baldur’s Gate Crossover)  · AdrianVesper
    161,399 words · 6,537 views  ·  522  ·  11 · gore
  • T Shadows of the Crystal Empire

    Twilight Sparkle travels to Canterlot seeking justice. When one of her friends is taken captive, Twilight sets out with spell and sword to save her. (Sequel to The Sword Coast, inspired by the Baldur’s Gate series)  · AdrianVesper
    109,113 words · 2,223 views  ·  311  ·  5 · gore
  • T A Party For...Divorce?

    Pinkie is asked to plan a party for something she doesn't think should be celebrated at all.  · lord_steak
    5,886 words · 722 views  ·  52  ·  1
  • T Fragile Wings

    Pinkie Pie is alone in a place she does not want to be. She wants to go home. She wants everything to return to normal. Pinkie Pie has to deal with the reality of a tragedy she does not want to face.  · Crystal Moose
    6,749 words · 1,275 views  ·  95  ·  4

My CheesePie Fics!

  • La Vie En Rose Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie are hired to throw an anniversary party in Paris for the Mayor and her husband. Unfortunately, a band of thieves also has their sights set on the party, with every intention of crashing it. by Summer Dancer 44,257 words · 1,271 views · 73 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Slow Dance Cheese Sandwich asks Pinkie if she'd like to dance. by Summer Dancer 3,309 words · 3,077 views · 129 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Hot In Here After Pinkie's magic is drained, someone helps her back up. by Summer Dancer 1,021 words · 2,559 views · 160 likes · 6 dislikes

The Sad Stuff

  • A Better Ending A Pinkie discovers a harsh reality when she escapes from the Mirror Pond. by Summer Dancer 1,586 words · 1,603 views · 75 likes · 10 dislikes
  • Balloons The spirits of the mane six are finally released after 35 years of imprisonment. by Summer Dancer 3,272 words · 3,031 views · 138 likes · 6 dislikes
  • There's a Changeling Under My Bed The events of the Canterlot wedding are over, but during the night, Twilight starts to have troubling thoughts. by Summer Dancer 1,195 words · 2,292 views · 140 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Daughters of Glimmer Starlight reverses the ages of the Mane Six and raises them as her own. by Summer Dancer 59,963 words · 4,670 views · 314 likes · 22 dislikes

Hey y'all. I've been pretty absent lately, so I thought I'd give a little greeting and an update :twilightsmile:

Things have been so busy lately--the culprit being College Finals. Been working on my movie project as well as helping my other teammate's with theirs. And my other class finals on top of that :rainbowlaugh: While also being busy with work, friends, and other activities. It's been pretty hectic for the last two months, which puts a damper on my writing time.

However, Finals will be coming to a close soon. And when it does, one of the first things I'll tackle is the Daughters of Glimmer story. This has been on hiatus for too long! And sometime soon, perhaps I'll be writing something on season 7 (I'm really enjoying it so far!) :pinkiesmile:

I would also like to give my thanks to two friends of mine who drew art from two of my stories.

Thanks to Those Kids In The Corner for drawing filly Twilight from Sandbox.

Her Deviantart is here!

And thank you to Stainless Key for drawing a scene between Starlight and Spike from Triggered.

She is also knowing as dSana on her Deviantart. Her comics are lovely!

I miss you guys so much. Hope we get to connect more soon! :heart:

Happy early May!

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