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You have to believe me--

Wait, that makes me sound crazy. Okay, starting over. Hi, I'm Lyra Heartstrings, totally ordinary unicorn. I've stumbled onto an ancient conspiracy, and I need to get this documentation published because it outlines what's really going on.

Fine, publish it as fiction, I don't care! The point is to get it out where everypony can see it!

Look, I don't care how much it's going to cost, I will rob a bank if I have to, but this can't be hidden any longer. I thought humans were long gone. I was wrong. I need to warn everypony, no, everybody, and if that means I have to sound like some crazy conspiracy theorist then so be it!

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Comments ( 18 )

Awesome story. Do you think you'll ever finish this, even if not for the competition?

An interesting take on the god-complex that Lyra seems to imbue humans with in our fandom. It reminds me of the end of the Oblivion movie. "I made you, I am your god." That sort of talk. And yes, she does sound like a raving lunatic.

...ever think Luna gets upset that the word for "crazy pony" includes her name? That might be something to expand on in a future story like this one. Cheers.


Not bad. Not bad at all - the concept is a good one, and you've executed it very well. Lyra has a very distinct character too that comes through strongly.

Dark Horse Comics? I'm not going to have to make any thundermonkey cards, am I? :raritywink:

In any case, it's a shame you weren't able to finish this in time. I have a soft spot for a Cassandra Lyra, the prophet no one believes until it's too late. Add in the pocket dimension, the precursor civilization, the unthinkable eons involved... yeah, seeing this polished up would've been great. Even as it is, I still enjoyed it. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

I love the "Humans are Cthulhu" theme, for once.

This needs to not be the end. this needs extending.

This feels... Lacking...

Does Lyra even KNOW about the world mirror?

I'm sure others have already asked... but this needs a sequel. Please? It would probably get featured. I mean this. This was good. Is this featured yet? It should be.

Top-notch story, ended before it deserved to.

And cue all of the people begging for a sequ- What? Oh, they're already doing it? Right then.

In all seriousness though, I'd be fine with it ending here. Not because I didn't like it, but because it felt complete to me. I think continuing with a fleshed out story would dilute the impact of this one. Do what you will, though. It's your story, and if you did make some kind of sequel, I'd still read it.

If this gets a follow-up, then awesome. If not, equally awesome.

On the plus side, humans have absolutely no technology to call their own.

Oooh! Cool! Human-made magic is high on the list of usually awesome things!

And that memory device... Reminds me of Prothean Beacons of Mass Effect.

Twilight, if she reads this, might actually go investigating!

This has to be an AU for Undertale...


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