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Months ago, a tear opened up in the sky. Only through the intervention of the princess was the tear closed, but not before something came through. Something from another reality. Something not of Equus' soil.

They called themselves humans.

Only a handful were found, barely the amount of a few hundred. In the beginning, the humans were scared and afraid, but slowly they adjusted. Months passed and things finally appeared to return to a sense of normalcy.

Then it happened.

An incident that rocked Equestria to its core, shook its foundations more then the changeling attack on Canterlot.

It was dubbed,simply, the Human Event.

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Comment posted by bronysora deleted Jan 16th, 2015

Great story start with a reasonable start. The view from the nurses is great does better than just one of the patients waking up in the world. Want to see more of this story in the future.

5512802 Thank you. I will hopefully have some more soon

Good fucking story keep up the good work

Huh... good writing, a lot of hooks laid out tantalizingly, pretty decent characterization of Critical Care and Overwatch. I'm actually putting this directly in the favourites. My breath is bated. Metaphorically speaking.

Very nice start.
I am very interested in what happened in this 'human event'.
I hope it will be explained soon.

Noticed a small grammatical error, you spelled 'straight' wrong. Not really much, I'm just nitpicking.


interesting concept reminds me of heroes or 4400
the only thing that seems a bit out of focus, is that celestia blame all human and not just the culprits or that was the impression that I got so far

I am just so curious as to what the 'human event' was.
Was it a attack on Equestria from a human nation?
Was it a massive misunderstanding?
I don't know, which is killing me.

Is this story an E for everypony?Well, whatever. Equestria is in some deep shit now. :/

5525579 Patience Grasshopper.

5526257 It is rated teen. Prepare yourself.

5528888 oh.Thanks, I asked because I wasn't sure if my comment would be taken down due to cussing.

5525416 Give it time. Te story will explain.

This is looking great so far! This human event sounds very interesting! Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

5541284 Thank you. I will hopefully have another chapter out by the weekend.


You're welcome!

Sounds awesome! I shall wait to see what the next chapter will hold! :rainbowkiss:


5529142 I have just curious as to why blames all humans, considering that the ponies were a threat to the world a couple of times
destroyed their ancient homeland by xenophobic conflicts
shadow, dark magicians who enslave their own people and surely going to keep expanding
Nmm that almost destroyed the world with eternal night
one would think that would not prejudge to everyone for the actions of a few

Wow um a bit dark chapter there....

5559727 Really? You would consider that dark? Wow. Guess I might have to add a tag later on then.

5560575 no just that chapter but if the rest are going to be somewhat like that then I think you should

Why do you want to take the magic from humans... that's cruel...

5571638 The ponies are being their judgemental and speciesist(?) selves, and are judging all humanity by the ones either more black on the moral scale or more willing to defend themselves from harm.

Oh, and there is the possibility it's magic a la Discord – Chaotic – because the doctor described it as "raw and untamed."

Nice to see humanity is not completely fucked yet.
But this plan seems like it will either fuck them or save them.
I would go for it too.

I am not sure if you are screwing with us in the end of the notes. Make the humans work for their victory as any victory worth achieving will have fight in some sort leading to the end. Also are you going to explain past of the story in more depth in the future of the story?

5698329 I sort of have this idea I'm tossing around in my head that will explain more of the past in a first person perspective or I might just explain it in the later chapters. Nevertheless, it will be explained, I'm just not sure on the best route.

Shit's going to hit the fan? I do believe my dear author that the correct expression would be.

The excrement made physical contact with a hydro-electric powered oscillating air current distribution device

I like it. liked and Favorited.

Comment posted by Canary In The Coal Mine deleted Jul 23rd, 2015

Ooooooh, can't wait for the action.

5864850 Let me first say that I'm sorry the story offends you as such, it was not my intention. Secondly, thank you for your feedback and criticism, I understand how you have a problem with the general story. I didn't really have plans for anyone to be the good guy in my story, but its not all black and white as I have stated, although judging by how much of the stage I have already set up, it may be difficult to show this.

Comment posted by Canary In The Coal Mine deleted Jul 23rd, 2015

5865090 I downvote your post because, funnily enough, even though the show tries to promote friendship, harmony, yadda yadda yadda, certain events and key parts of the show show that the ponies are xenophobic.
All the way back to the events of Heartswarming, ponies have at the least been ethnocentric, sometimes to such an extreme that war was on the brink. Fast forward to the events of the show:
Gilda- Differing culture elements led to quite the commotion, which also showed that Rainbow wasn't as loyal as we thought.
Zecora- 'Nuff said.
The Bunny "stampede"- "How does this one fit in?" Ponies are 'over-panicky'. The dangers of a stampede is A. Getting trampled or B. Getting gored. The chances of either of these happening to the ponies (who, might I add, are quite a bit bigger than a bunny), are very slim.
And last but not least, the deal breaker - the phrase "everypony"- The show might try to play this off as a 'cute saying', but all it does is reinforce the extreme ethnocentricity that we've seen in the Heartswarming event, into species-ism. They think of themselves as seperate-maybe even better than any other species. It might not have been the original purpose (both in-universe and by the producers), but the phrases 'everypony', 'everydragon', 'everyzebra', etc. all, as implemented in a society, is showing that bigotry is subconsciously ingrained into each an every one of them. Bigotry that maybe, could even lead up to yet another Heartswarming event- a global one at that.

So, yeah. Ponies are xenophobic, maybe not to Conversion Bureau levels, but xenophobes nonetheless.


You're really stretching things with those examples to try to make a point that simply isn't there.

Heartswarming: The state of the world before the reconciliation was played off as being a bad thing, and them putting aside their differences to work together a good thing. Also it wasn't xenophobia so much as different nations. No single group was significantly stronger than the others, and they didn't perform atrocities upon each other.

Gilda: Ignoring that it wasn't that good of an episode, every effort was made to actually work with Gilda. Gilda is simply unlikable on her own merits that have nothing to do with her race, and the most that came out of it was Rainbow Dash ending her friendship with Gilda because she misjudged her analysis of Gilda herself. It didn't have anything to do with Gilda's race. Griffins have been shown in the series since then that don't act like Gilda at all and get along with ponies just fine.

Zecora: A very poor episode where it was shown all the ponies were wrong to jump to conclusions. That aside, Zecora didn't make things easy for herself, the phobia of her was less of zebras and more of Zecora in particular due to how she acted and dressed: She was very creepy in how she acted, dressed, talked, and her behavior of pawing the dirt is, among horses and ponies, body language of aggression and agitation while among zebra it's casual behavior of looking for water. There were misunderstandings and conclusions that were jumped to, and not only was it shown to be wrong, but the most the ponies did was just avoid her.

Actually being aggressive towards her came when they thought (incorrectly) that she did something to Apple Bloom or that she cursed them. And that was shown as being very wrong too, and they all apologized and tried to reverse their behavior afterwards.

The Bunny "stampede": Played as a joke, and there were only a few ponies in particular (the flower ponies) that reacted that way (and from a certain point of view... do bunnies each flowers? That's reason enough to freak out over it. Humans have the similar justified reactions toward locust swarms). Cooler heads prevailed in the situation anyway. Besides, no atrocities were done to bunnies.

"everypony" - cultural artifact that doesn't mean much. After all, their society has shown to be able to interact with griffins, minotaurs, and Saddle Arabians (they look like horses) just fine. Also, donkeys live in Ponyville, and they aren't covered by that phrase either and no one thinks anything of it.

Why doesn't it mean much? Humans use the phrase "anyone", "everyone", "no one", and so on. But break that down, what does "one" mean in that context? It's been used so much it practically means nothing despite how often it's used, and "pony" in that sense may have the same connotations.

The Heatswarming event happened because of the animosity towards each other and there being no friendship. Despite the usage of racist language, as far as we know that kind of hatred just doesn't exist currently between the races.

In my previous comment I claimed I couldn't support the story until the acts were recognized as bad and the ponies tried to make up for it somehow (or stand against it). Every example you use that exact thing happened, showing acts of xenophobia (where it was clear xenophobia and not Gilda digging her own grave) were wrong and that friendship was the answer. Also none of the examples went anywhere near what we are seeing in xenophobic responses. I'd buy exile as a response before the facility.

If things turned around and friendship prevailed like in the show, my vote would turn around too.

5886623 I'll admit, my other points are quite a bit shaky, but the "everypony" thing is very valid.

Why doesn't it mean much? Humans use the phrase "anyone", "everyone", "no one", and so on. But break that down, what does "one" mean in that context? It's been used so much it practically means nothing despite how often it's used, and "pony" in that sense may have the same connotations.

I disagree. The word "one" from "anyone", "someone", etc. has a distinct, yet vague meaning. Distinct, in that it refers to "other", "individual", "fellow sapient"; vague, in that "fellow sapient" can refer to any species.
Three guesses as to what the "pony" in "somepony" means, and the first two don't count. They use words like "somepony", "somezebra", "somedragon", "somegriffon", etc, already disproving that "pony" is vague with the fact that the other species' names are also used. They've already subconsciously seperated the different species into seperate groups from themselves. This is where the ethnocentrism/bigotry/xenophobia kicks in. If they were so big on friendship, and upholding harmony, they would have put some more thought into making a word that didn't bring about that species seperation I.e. "everybody", "everyone".
The ponies' "harmony" was always more of just order than true harmony, anyways.

It's funny, if you really think about it; a species that hasn't found solid proof of other sapients existing yet, uses vocabulary that can refer to any species, while one that lives with other sapients on the same planet, uses a species-specific vocabulary.

Going back to Gilda: Do we really know if she was being an asshole, or if it just was extreme cultural differences?
Back to Heartswarming:

they didn't perform atrocities upon each other.

Unless, y'know, one group refused to raise the sun, one refused to bring weather, and one refused to let themselves starve due to the other's choices.

I love the buildup and emotion in this chapter. The comradely of the humans, and the uneasy ease of which they blend with the Diamond Dogs and Changelings. It is easy to become friends with another, but it is not easy to override instincts. They all share an enemy, neither has a reason to distrust the other, but they're still uneasy. Maybe a bath in the fire of battle will weaken that unease.

My absolute favorite part of this chapter are the rai-supply runners. Everyone knows who they are, and what they do. They know it's nessecary, they know there's no other way. But it doesn't stop the gnawing guilt of wrongness. No matter how important those supplies are, it's still wrong. The only ones who feel no glut are the ones hurt by the ponies. To them, it is the evening of a score, the payment of a debt. Nothing more.

I couldn't help but find the shock of the crowd at Victoria's (is that the leader's name?) reminder that they might die. Yes, to the young, death is a tale, and not real. Not something that can get you. But there HAVE to be elders, war veterans, criminals... Those that have seen death. They wouldn't be shocked. But overall, it was still good.

I hadn't made the connection about the Changelings and Human's plight, but now I do. Perhaps that is a true flaw of the pony races and their kingdom. They cannot see past the actions of one who would hurt them? Or does one bad apple really spoil the bunch?

The changelings are unique here. Their truly decentralized personalities make them feel more foreign. They actually FEEL like another race, instead of humans who happen to be a bug. For that, I truly applaud you. Few authors can create the changelings as anything but black ponies. ( kittens, brilliant XD )

Sorry I've been away from this story. I can't wait for more ! Update soon!

I can't wait for more!!!!

5864850 you are entitled to your own opinion but I feel the need to tell you that I don't like it and therefor silently judge you.

I frankly really enjoy that we are dealing with a scenario where no one can claim the objective high ground but both claim their own subjective moral superiority.

Ponies: these humans have shown that they are our enemies and shown that their magic is extremely dangerous. The kindest way to deal with this is obviously to remove what makes them dangerous so they can be controlled and maybe even rehabilitation so we can reach peace. As the most magically adept race we are clearly the most qualified for this.

Humans: these ponies have clearly shown that they are unwilling to see reason. We did not want to get ripped from our world, out homes and families. And then when a few lash out in anger they start to round us up and imprison us like criminals. Like they are the Nazis. We will not stand for this, we will free our people from these tyrants, who for all we know are responsible for us being here, and if we must use this newfound power to harm those who would stop us then by god we will.

It's a interesting and most of all realistic depiction of what could reasonably happen in this kind of situation.

This is some of the most brilliant shit I have ever seen on this site. Seriously, this REALLY needs more coverage.


Ponies: these humans have shown that they are our enemies

A few humans have been referred to as extremists, a very clear minority that the other humans decried, and all humans are rounded up, imprisoned, and experimented on against their will; indeed, their will is entirely stolen from them. Even ones that we can assume that before that moment were coexisting peacefully with ponies.

By that logic, all ponies should be imprisoned because of Sombra. Or how about those bad ponies that assaulted Daring Do?

It's a interesting and most of all realistic depiction of what could reasonably happen in this kind of situation.

Canonical ponies would not do these things. These ponies appear to be canonically kind, but the facility is a huge sign that they are not, or their idea of kindness is extremely twisted. The juxtaposition is extremely jarring and is why I got so upset by this work. I firmly reject your claim that it's realistic or reasonable in any way, shape, and form by what we originally know of ponies from canon.

It wouldn't be out of place to discover that the Princesses were being mind controlled to order these things done, and using mind control themselves to get their population to go through with it. You know, like Alternative Conversion Bureau works. That's how completely out of character I see this.

6054882 canon lawyers rarely make interesting stories. This is of course relative, those that go straight against without an 'alternative universe' are often shit but those that take a step to the side and say " what if it was like this instead?"

I'm not gonna argue, we obviously have different opinions and we both think the other is wrong. Let's leave it at that.

... wow. Sounds like this is big.

where there

"WERE there", Shocks. The correct conjugation of the verb "to be" is were.


You have a point.

After thinking about it, considering I actually still follow this story and want to see more, my earlier comments aren't really needed. I swapped my vote and deleted my ranting comments.

Comment posted by HellBreaker deleted Jul 16th, 2017


I hope they all die a horrible death, it's like Marvel's Mutants, the military tried to completely wipe them out, when what they should have done is regulate them, in a sense, like say someone that could breathe underwater, let him off, he can barely do anything with that power, maybe give him swimming lessons, and offer him a job in the Navy.

Seriously, completely wrong approach, instead of removing the magic, why not help them control it, for all they know, the blast could have been an accident at first, then it happened to other humans the same way, they lost control, stupid ponies, we don't even know why Chrysalis, CHRYSALIS, attacked Canterlot, or kidnapped the Princesses, she could have been possessed, or was provoked by the ponies, the ponies just do nothing but jump to conclusions, idiots, really.

I ranted, but i don't care, I said my point.

They were more or less enemies of the state of Equestria, and were practically jailed upon sighting. This was supposedly due in massive part to the their attack on the capital city from which they found themselves more or less beneath, the siege spurred on by the fact that the changelings were starving from lack of emotional food sources, especially love. They said they attacked in desperation after diplomacy failed, Celestia refusing to help the black equines.


This was a brilliant read, i do hope you continue this one day.
As much as it pains me to say this. For the time being.

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