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Celestia does not like the sun.

At all.

In fact, she really hates it.

This is news to everyone.

Image a mixture of DoctorRaz's Epic Celestia and DarkWasp's Sun Wallpaper blended together using GIMP.

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Comments ( 91 )

This may be the best Grumpy Celestia I've seen all year; it's definitely the most believable.

Wow, Celestia is good at ranting.

The short description was pretty funny.

Pheonix #3 · Jul 6th, 2014 · · 30 ·

for the betterment of your people.

It should be ponies. People don't live in Equestria.

Huh. Double Weave. Are we making blankets?

I like to call Twilight's palace tree "Sparkalon," but that doesn't seem to have caught on.

"...Pinkie Pie?"

Well, she is a trained psychologest...

In any case, short, sweet, and effective. At least as world-shaking as Princess Celestia Hates Tea, though Twilight certainly handled this one better. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

I cant wait until Sunset Shimmer finds out about this.

Had to get this out. What do you all think?

ahem ahem ... MOAR!

I have headcanons that actually explain the whole "unicorns raise the sun without Celestia" as being a historical misunderstanding. Otherwise this feels very much in character.

As for the Tree. Obviously it should be called the "Palace of Learning" or perhaps even the Chapel of Learning.

Its stuff like this that's the reason I follow you;a sweet, short story with a sprinkle of shipping and an awesome central concept + very in-character...characters :twilightblush:

Raistlin #9 · Jul 6th, 2014 · · 12 ·

"I was always amazed by the beauty of the stars and the moon. I could stay up all night and watch

Well, The Moon is merely a big, dusty lifeless rock floating in space; its light is reflected from the Sun. And the stars... not sure if they are Suns too in the ponyverse.


...you mean friendshipping right?

I like this idea of Celestia being a night owl. The rest of it too, but that particular concept will stay with me.

Even with that Sad-tag I expected something along the lines of "Princess Celestia hates tea" and got a punch to the emotional guts for my ignorance. :rainbowhuh:
And then we don't get a resolution to the story, just Twilight's "Hey you should talk about this with somepony.".
What I think? This needs moar chapter!

Zeg #13 · Jul 6th, 2014 · · ·

I think using 'people' is fine. It means a group of men, women, and children of a community or nation of some sort, which fits the description of what the ponies of Equestria are. The word people doesn't necessarily mean 'humans', we only assume it does since humans are the only sapient race we know of.

That, and Equestria has more than ponies living in it. :moustache:

It's good not to overuse the 'pony' thing in writing, I think. It's meant to be kind of a joke in the show, after all, and you can very easily wear it out in writing if you're not careful.

4650137 The 15 bit bet and Celestia waking up in Twilight's (lack of) bed made me think actual shipping

The dialogue is good, very good. It seems natural and flowing. But honestly the descriptions are lacking. You only have dialogue and very little description of the setting. Describe the rooms, the atmosphere, the ambiance. What does it feel like to be in Celestia's room, what does it feel like to be in Twilight's home, how does Celestia's headache feel. I had to be constantly reminded that Celestia had an headache because I was never really given an idea of how painful it was.

Everything you've written is fine, there just needs to be more of it.


Why is this down-voted? The moons reflection only comes about from the sun!

I demand a full story in which Celestia learns to love her special talent again under the (careful/random/dangerous) guidance of (Twilight/Pinkie/The Doctor)!!!

Okay, seriously though, I liked this. Short and sweet.

This story is incomplete. You need to change the "Complete" thing.

Every story has a beginning, a conflict, a resolution, and an end. This is the beginning and the conflict.

I want my resolution. :rainbowdetermined2:

Very well done. This fic reminds me of Princess Celestia Hates Tea.

Comment posted by Snolf deleted Jul 7th, 2014

LOL BWHAHAHA SO FUNNY TO SEE CELESTIA RAGE LIKE THAT, THE HILLARIOUS IMAGES U PUT IN MY HRAD ARE INCREADIBLY AMAZINGLY FUNNEEEEY. XDDDD. LOLOLOL. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile::rainbowdetermined2::heart::flutterrage::trollestia::moustache::facehoof::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

4649359 Well, you say that the stars could be something other than suns in the Ponyverse. If that is true, is it such a leap to believe that in a universe so full of magic, the moon could give off its own light? Maybe it's more like a giant glowing pearl, and less like a giant hunk of rock in Equestria.

You also got me thinking... If stars are suns in Ponyverse, and Celestia raises one sun, what about Luna? I'm going with what seems to be the most common assumption, that Luna controls the stars as well as the moon. This raises three main possibilities in my head. One, Luna is God-Tiered; two, Luna is still All Powerful, but needs to use most of her power to wrangle the stars and moon; and three, the stars just take less energy to move for some reason. What do you think? (I'm also still waiting for a Luna Emote to appear on FiMFic :ajbemused:)

4652492 It's probably disliked so much because he stated something in a blunt and factual manor that hurt most Luna Lovers.

Edit: I dropped a comma. I'm ashamed.


Helen agrees with you about the moon
Space 1999

No Luna/ Space 1999 crossovers yet....

Ah Celestia. It's funny every time. :rainbowlaugh:


Yeah I mean..Heck Celestia kinda fails at realizing the sun is a Giant Friggen Star! It's just kinda... :rainbowhuh:

All stars are just hot flaming gasses! It's just I really don't understand Celestia's logic.

"My sisters GIANT LIFELESS ROCK and OTHER STARS are drowned out by the sun, and the sun only gives us plants, despite it also keeping us from FREEZING TO DEATH, that there are medical conditions for not having enough sun, the fact that the sun gives light so people can actually see during the day..."

Also I don't really believe luna controls the other stars, just the moon itself.


I'm going with what seems to be the most common assumption, that Luna controls the stars as well as the moon. This raises three main possibilities in my head. One, Luna is God-Tiered; two, Luna is still All Powerful, but needs to use most of her power to wrangle the stars and moon; and three, the stars just take less energy to move for some reason.

Until you realize that canon trumps common assumption and Luna only controls the moon. Nowhere, in show, as it been said that she controls the stars. And the stars taking less energy would make absolutely no sense as a star is larger than any planet you'll ever find.


Luna only controls the moon, Celestia only controls the sun. They're both at about the same power, evidenced by Celly moving the sun and the moon while Luna was locked away.

Why is this complete? I want to see her talk to Pinkie Pie Psychologest about it.

Comment posted by SpacelordVen deleted Jul 8th, 2014

4655994 I know, the comment just got me thinking about the common assumption. Or, what seems to be the common assumption with most people I see.

4657472 Errm, what?:rainbowhuh: Look at the story you comented on.

Why would you want to do that to nice mr. author, you monster?


. And the stars taking less energy would make absolutely no sense as a star is larger than any planet you'll ever find.

That's a lot of assuming about astrophysics of the MLP universe.
My personal headcanon has it with a flat Earth model, Sun and Moon roughly the same size, Moon shining with own (non-reflected) light, both much smaller than ours, and beyond that all, matter not based on atoms at all.

4657557 my pardon, somehow got to this page by typing on another >.>


It makes it a crossover with one of his other stories -- a good one that sort of got misplaced TWO years ago. I mean he could even not add a chapter here, but add the chapter there and complete it with it. Or just add the chapter there.

A nice, solid little character study you have here. Liked and fav'd.

I'm agreeing w/ most of the other comments on here. You should continue with this, or make a sequel. It's intriguing that Celestia hates her own talent. Hearing her talk to somepony about that or Celestia even doing something about it would be a good read. Even her telling this story to Luna could be a story in of itself. You've got a lot of potential here.

Does Celly hate the sun because of me? :fluttercry:

4660487 I'm going to have to change the brightness of the sun... Aren't i? :twilightblush: Sorry Celestia! :twilightblush: Oh ok. :facehoof:

4660461 Her talent is raising the sun. She probably hates it because of its consequences. I love the sun and the stars... Just not the consequences... That's literally the same thing:facehoof:

The sun sucks. Hanging up there, givin' people sunburn an' cancer an' shit...

I say we arrest the sun.

This big, dangerous weapon, and what do they do? They worship the damn thing! :rainbowlaugh:

Honestly, more of a night person myself. The night shall last forever!

This was great! Short, simple, and a new perspective on Celestia's character, good job :twilightsmile:


I wonder how she feels about sun tea?


Although the title and description lead me to believe this was a comedy I absolutely loved it! :twilightsmile:


This NEEDS to be continued! Pretty please?:scootangel:

Lazy_ #50 · Jul 9th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Now listen very carefully to everything I say. I posses certain skills that I have developed over a long career. And I don't know who you are or what you want, but if you don't stop acting like an idiot...
I will look for you...
I will find you...
and I will kill you.:pinkiecrazy:


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