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"From all of us together, together we’re friends. With the marks of our destinies made one, the journey is without end!"

With those words, Twilight Sparkle accidentally teleported herself, Spike, the rest of her friends, and the elements of Harmony into another world. Trapped as they were for a thousand years, they made do; mingling with the natives, accepting their new-found longevity, and coping with the separation from their home world.

It's been a long ride, not without its bumps. But now, at last, the spell is winding down. The seven of them have gathered in their mansion to say farewell to their new friends and family. And even as the tears are shed and goodbyes made, some part of them is looking forward to returning to Equestria. It's true that everypony they knew is probably long dead (aside from the princesses,) but it's still their home.

There have probably been a number of changes, of course. But it can't be that bad... right?

Cover by fleebites.

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Tirek as a listed main character kind of scares me. I mean if they all got blasted there at the end of season 3 then Tirek came back without the mane 6 to challenge him. Equestria could be quite the dystopia after 1000 years, or be through several cycles of loss and rebuilding in that amount of time.

Also this is very interesting considering what they have planned for the final episode of the season. It seems tangentially similar. Hope the series turns out nicely and that there is enough backlog written that it wont be a slow updater.

okay I gotta know where this is going

To be honest, I'm more interested in their journey with this new world and learning more about same world.

Still excited to see what you got though.

ON. THE. EDGE. OF. MY. SEAT! This promises to be quite intriguing.

I wonder when did they disappear was it before twilight became an alicone, was it after starlight got reform.... I wonder how crazy good old sunbutt gotten after loose twilight,


Judging from the description, they were sent to Earth right after Twilight recited the spell that turned her into an alicorn.

Interesting idea.

So, the things to keep an eye out for: time ratio is 1 to 1 and it's been a thousand years everything is very similar or very different, or the time ration is way off and it's only been a few moments since they left and that's why Spike couldn't get any letters off. This would be particularly sad as within just a few minutes in Equestria already everyone they know on Earth would have died long ago. This would also explain why they never seem to age, as they would still have been connected to their own world's time, that having been a few minutes or maybe a year or two passing.

Hey, at the very least, the CMC could still be alive. If they were desperate enough, they could have been frozen by a Cockatrice.

I feel the same way. I mean yeah this is interesting too and I am curious what's waiting for them back in Equestria but the main 6 + spike living on earth for 1000 years sounds like a way more interesting story.

It's entirely possible that there isn't a time ratio between dimensions: one might simply return to exactly the moment one was last in that same dimension. *shrug*

Tirek being a main character seems somewhat... concerning. :rainbowlaugh:

The letters comment made it seem like they had two way communication for a while. That most likely means time past equally. Also, they were there for a thousand years. "For a while" might've been over a hundred years.

Well, this prompt is usually asking for poorly structured stories and bad writing. But Masterweaver, therefore I'm intrigued. Will you do it right? Will you answer a the questions and promises this introductory chapter brings? Will the ponies make pop culture references completely out of tune with the hellish landscape they'll arrive in? Hope some of those we know by the next update :twilightsmile:

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes! Especially with characters such as Trixie, Lightning Dust and Discord!! :)

If that's really the case, it means the Mane 6 (plus Spike) suddenly become a thousand years older than their generation. I can imagine funny conversations like this;

"I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only 'Equestria's old hag' anymore" :trollestia:
"The first thing Granny Smith said to me was 'Welcome to the Elderly Club'... and it's really concerning" :ajbemused:
"Hmmm, I never notice that my old treadle sewing table fit my human form better than pony form" :duck:
"Vinyl! Let me teach you the true soul of the EDM!" :pinkiehappy:
"Eh, Twilight, do you think you can invent the internet in Equestria?" :rainbowhuh:
"I need to invent PEN! First and foremost!" :twilightoops:

Also remember, that without their intervention, the Tree died at the beginning of season four. And both Celestia and Luna were captured.


Actually if their state was captured, then Tirek wouldn't get their Alicorn powers and would be less able to do much, especially if the plundervines were encompassing all of Equestria at the time he became strong enough to start draining ponies.

8455413 Or the newly-reformed Discord might've done something for lack of anypony else to nag into saving the day.

(Or is he still reformed when Fluttershy's so suddenly vanished?)

Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and Derpy didn't even notice they were gone. PREDICTION

Take it. Take my upvote. Just. Take it.

There's going to be a lot of cleaning up to do when they get home. You have my attention. But can you keep it?

Hoo boy. Given the divergence point, they're going to have a lot to clean up. Still, this is only tagged Drama, not Sad or Dark or Tragedy, so we're not looking at the worst case scenario. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Opening Blurb has me interested! But got something else to read.... So Yeah... Congrats though!


You know, tags can change. I considered the Dark tag, but I'll only add it when the story is ready for it.

A thousand years away...so am I missing something? Is there a prequel? I kinda want to know what led to them being whisked away and what's happened over in the other world in that time.

Before I start, is this story a sequel of some sort?


You know, tags can change. I considered the Dark tag, but I'll only add it when the story is ready for it.

That is ridiculously dishonest. You are admitting to actively lying to us in order to get more readers, I really thought better of you. The genre tags are to allow readers to find stories that appeal to them and avoid stories about things they hate, leaving off a major tone changing tag like Dark that many people avoid in order to 'hook' a wider audience in nothing short of shameful. And when you do change this to Dark you will deserve the mass downvoting from every single reader who dislikes Dark stories... because you made the conscious choice to trick them into reading this with premeditated lies... in other words you completely invalidate the defense of 'you were warned and you read it anyway'.


I'm... sorry?

How is it dishonest?

I'm saying that the story is not dark at the moment, and that if it becomes dark I will add that tag. Furthermore, via the blog function, I can mark this story and say 'after heavy debate I am adding the dark tag' as soon as I do, alerting any and all followers to the change.

I am saying that if the story deserves a dark tag, I will give it a dark tag. I don't plan to at this time, but I am aware my level of darkness is not the same as that of the average person. If enough readers say the story needs a dark tag, it will be added and all followers alerted.

Your argument assumes that I planned to enrapture and ensnare many. This is simply not the case. My intent is to write a story and, if necessary, adjust its label.

Really? Because what "I considered the Dark tag, but I'll only add it when the story is ready for it." says to us is that you considered the Dark tag when publishing the story but decided to wait until you reach that part of the story. The way you phrased that cames across as it will be Dark and you are just waiting until that point to tag it.


He misread your intentions as saying that you were DEFINITELY going to eventually have the story become much darker, and then add the Dark tag. Were that the case, many readers you have now might not want to read that kind of story, and may feel let down by the sudden genre change.

Reading your reply, I hope that isn't the case.

A story should start with every intended tag, not just what the current chapters have.

8456168 8456174
This, of course, assumes every aspect of every story is planned from the get-go. You cannot label what does not exist.

At this point we're debating philosophy, however, and frankly that has derailed far too many of my stories before. I've said my piece, and I'll let you build up your army of downvoters if you must.


...This has nothing to do with philosophy. And, regardless, while most stories do not have everything planned out, an author should know whether or not he plans to make the story dark enough to justify the tag. That's a pretty significant story choice.

Either way, I'm not downvoting, and I will keep reading. Never said I would do otherwise.

I like it!

moar please!

"Incomplete" means that the story isn't complete and it is changing, the genres aren't decided yet.

If you'd look closely you can see that was one of the options I mentioned when debating when they'll come back to. It's most likely that a very small amount of time has passed since they left if any at all, then, of course, there's the possibility that a thousand years or more has passed, or anywhere in between. If I were to guess I'd say little to no time has passed but a completely messed up future isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Was this supposed to be a sequel? I feel like I'm missing something.


I think it's just a stand-alone story starting in medias res.

Hmmm, this looks interesting. Have to follow and see how it goes :pinkiehappy:.


No, this story is about them adapting to a world that seems familiar, but... not. Read the description. They've absolutely been gone 1000 years.

Also, everyone is pointing out Tirek being a main character as a bad thing, but I have worse concerns- Celestia, Luna, and Cadance AREN'T.

Well my attention has certainly been captured. I wait with excitement for the next chapter.

8456156 I can't speak for them, but there are some of us who remember the debacle that was "Of Mares and Magic" by GanonFLCL, where the "Sad" tag was added for literally the last chapter. Ever since then, yeah, I have always been a little hesitant, but at least due to the comments I know that Dark is a possibility, which isn't something I'm personally worried about, and have time to come to terms with if I were.

Despite the heated debate in the comments, I am absolutely hooked and need more... please... :fluttershysad:

I think a more apt comparison is Vimbert's Twilight: Revised in which he never tagged the damn thing as a tragedy until the very end, and then only when it was demanded of him by the people he'd strung along to his bad end.

If you think things will turn dark, it's better to tag from the start, because surprising people with it will only lead to downvotes later.


I was there for that, and I've rarely been so disappointed. I may have been one of the angry voices... so very angry. I'm not proud of it, but I feel it was at least understandable to be so livid given that complete and nonsensical 180 which ruined the whole blessed thing.

I don't expect it'll be anything like that with MW. He might be more of a flow-writer than a planning-every-detail-out kind of writer. It's difficult to tell when you aren't the one behind their screen. Fairly sure everyone's learned the lesson of Of Mares and Magic.

Well I am curious to see what comes next so I will be tracking this story :twilightsmile:

"Heh, thanks Rares." The dragon rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. "You're looking pretty good as well. I mean, not that you don't always look good. It's just, it's been a while since we dropped the morph spell and--"

Rarity shut him up with a deep kiss, wrapping her forelegs around his long neck.

Well, THAT escalated quicky. Three lines in and you've established a long term relationship with Spike and Rarity...

Eh, it's your fic and I can't say you're in the wrong for doing that, but Sparity is not my cup of tea. I'll be going now, good luck and try not to change your tags too much, eh?

Edit: Yes, I am immediately dropping the story because of Sparity. This is established before anything else within the story aside from there being 45 minutes left until... something. Never mind stuff like how the characters are feeling or the world they spent time in, let's put Sparity front and center!

Look, you do you. I don't like Sparity, you do and it clearly shows. I wish you the best simply because it'd be petty to stoop so low over a ship. Just don't murder me because I happened to dislike this choice.

The summary only mentions that everyone they know, besides the Princesses, are probably long dead. Not that it is a certainty. Looking at it again I change my mind, I believe that it has been several years since they vanished but not long enough that everyone they know is long dead. I'm less concerned about Tirek being a main character as I am about Spike not being one.

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