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I had a great time, but sadly, I'm not really interested in writing pony fics anymore. It's been a wild ride. Keep on being amazing, folks.


Equestria. A society with magical God-like powers; teleportation, creation/destruction of matter, spontaneous energy, defying gravity, CHANGING gravity- With advanced technology and confirmed knowledge of the cosmos... How has this society not even reached the space age yet? One stallion dares to find out. He has gazed at the stars his whole life... Now he will touch them.

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Obviously, it's because the sky is a carpet painted by Luna. What're they gonna do, hook it onto the carpet?

Now that you mention it, it is rather strange how with all the magic that they have not reached space yet. :unsuresweetie:

:trollestia: I banish you to the moon... No wait...

2027144 They have D+D levels of technological stagnation in general, really.

Well, considering they believe the moon is basically hell where ponies are locked away for eternity, it's pretty easy to see why they don't want to go to space.

With all their magic and stuff, they're basically at the level where space travel could be a possibility... Either way, I'm watching this.

Because it's a very tough accomplishment and they're not racing the commies to get there first.

This is an interesting idea. You have my attention.

Yay, update! :pinkiehappy:
Wonder what Celestia will think about him going against her orders.

Eyes? A space monster? Or is it the Borg? Or the Q continuum?

Whatever it is, this is gonna be good.

But he ISN'T going to run or hide.

2154016 I'm still confused what's going on... :derpyderp1:

Wow, interesting. I'll keep watching for the next episode.

"it will remain the truth"?
What is that supposed to mean?
It sounds a lot like one of those useless gnomic phrases used by pompous idiots to assert themselves in a way which is difficult to respond to.
So, it seems about right to me, being a ridiculous alien race and all.

So....how ya doin'? What are you/Gazer planning? Miniguns? Magic Missile?

They going to need something like this happen :

>small room with curved walls
You have two spaces between "curved" and "walls" :moustache:

>They have gotten significantly stronger the last time we engaged them
Jew left out a word here :moustache:

>who avoided eye contact
You have two spaces between "eye" and "contact" :moustache:

>there is always those who seek out the truth


Sounds like the Warden need to be paid a visit by a certain pony in a blue box who is called the Doctor.^_^

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