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When Twilight Sparkle read her favorite Hearthswarming story to Starlight Glimmer, she only meant for it to change her student's opinion of the holiday. And it did.

Then Starlight mentioned the story to some of Twilight's guests.

And as it turns out, they know more about it then Twilight even did!

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This was so meta in some ways... Also, that ending line!:rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for spoiling the magic, Kevin. May your harvest be bountiful and blessed... now if only I had some eggnog, but considering it's May, that won't be happening anytime soon.

Well this was random

A fun little short story.

*thumbs up*

Enjoyed the read. Good job man, keep it up.

Wow this is Lololol .

"You can't have a unique being that's not part of a larger species--"


Best. Rebuttal. Ever.

Generally a fun read, and a good way to justify the ghosts in the event that we never get canon undead.

Amazing and simply interesting and also goodd luck on the other projects

Well, that was a clever little read. I enjoyed it. Good job!

Very good. Some parts are a bit confusing, due to not saying which pony is speaking, but still understandable, very funny, and could actually fit into canon. I like how you explained Vinyl's not talking thing, especially. Also,

"Not that it isn't fascinating to hear about your disturbing tendency to reduce our relationships to mere foodstuff," Octavia deadpanned, "but did you have a point in coming over here?"

Is the best line ever, followed by

"...what?" Twilight gave her a look. "No, see, Windegos are a species with confirmed traits. The spirits are unique beings. You can't have a unique being that's not part of a larger species--"

"LOVELY PARTY, TWILIGHT!" Discord skated by on a pair of fruitcakes, tinsel dangling from his antlers. "I especially like your tree topper!" He twirled, snatching up Vinyl's eggnog with his tail as he manuvered toward Fluttershy.

This exchange.
Altogether an awesome story. :heart: :derpytongue2:

"Happy Hearth's Warming."
"And may your harvest be bountiful and blessed!"
Everypony glared at Kevin.
"It's a traditional toast." He sipped his eggnog. "Don't judge."

*Grins* Every time I see Kevin in a story, I just like him even more.

Yay, Kevin!


"Not that it isn't fascinating to hear about your disturbing tendency to reduce our relationships to mere foodstuff,"

Kevin's great. Is he in more stories?

Nice work!
Kevin is best changeling.

Okay, I loved the comedy in this fic and now I will add Kevin the Ponyville changling to all my future fics.

Luckily there were enough patches that introducing these new variables didn't make Twilight.exe crash and cause a bluescreen :twilightsmile:


Definitely an interesting take on things!

But it was Kevin who made the story worth reading!
Best changeling:rainbowlaugh:

"A little darkness makes the holiday shine brighter," Octavia mused. "And sometimes real life is pretty grim."

Octavia probably likes the story of the Little Match Filly.

In any case, a hilarious take on both the parts the episode left out and the origins of the story (and Vinyl's apparent muteness.) Thank you for it. I'm just sorry I didn't read it earlier.


While "sch" does feature in a lot of Yiddishisms, this particular word is spelled "spiel."

Nice bit of fun you've produced, regardless.

So, Mr Masterveaver, Dr Wolf did a reading of this, how od you feel?

it's frightening to consider what the world would have been like if Snowfall Heart was real."

You mean Snowfall FROST. But still, good story! :twilightsmile:

This was definitely amusing and a fun little interpretation.
But I personally prefer both the version of the tale that was used in the episode, and the story being simply based off of true facts instead of being something that had actually happened in their world.
Though that second half is getting into headcanons.

Snrk, Kevin is awesome.

We hear so often that there's some base truth in legends and fairy tales, and this story examines this theme in the context of the "Heart's Warming Tale" episode with Starlight Glimmer. And the reveal of the true story...is actually pretty funny. Not something they'd do on the show, since it does damage the original moral of the tale, but really great for a silly fanfic. Very much worth a read, even if it's not the winter holidays.

If you like audiobooks, there's a dramatic reading by Drwolf001 on YouTube.

Author Interviewer

"I think a lot of things are ridiculous," Octavia countered, nodding to her headbanging companion. "That doesn't mean I don't take them seriously."

I love this line. :D

"Just wanted to tell you that the spirits of Hearth's warming were my great grandmother."
"Wait, what?!" Twilight shrieked. "The spirits were changelings?!"
"One changeling, singular." Kevin shrugged. "Granted, she did have help from her kids, but great grandma pulled the main roles off on her own. See, she overheard Snow Dash talking about her boss and... like I said, Hearth's Warming is a big thing for us. Anypony threatening it has to be dealt with. She didn't know Somber Tunes was dead when she took his form, but she rolled with it and made up the three spirits thing on the spot. Then she stepped out, turned into the first spirit, flew Snowfall to a warehouse on the edge of town, and hit her with a memory spell. Everything after that was just really, really good acting."

The conspiracy revealed...

This legitimately hurt my head. Good story though.

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