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There's a little shop in Canterlot that moves around the town
And the unicorn who runs the place is quite hard to track down
But she'll grant your wish, make dreams come true, and be ever so nice
Just do beware: Nothing is free, and you may not like the price.

Coverart by Joakaha.

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A long description with a little rhyme... color me very interested.

Can I just say how much I love it that this is becoming the predominant fandom interpretation of Sunshine Smiles? Color me all kinds of interested.

Hmm. How about if Mr. Stripes pays a visit!

Hrmph. Desperate and questionless foals.

Remember kids: Never sign a contract without reading it first!

Honestly, it's like no one pays any attention to the Rules of Acquisition anymore....

i'm confused...can someone explain what just happened?

Hmm... I think I see what's going on here. Innnnnnnnteresting...

Alright, how about this:

Moondancer wants a book that she can have be any book at all whenever she opens it. She just has to give the title and author.

Oh, this is going to be fun. Do you want specific ponies for the suggestions, or just vague concepts?

I can take a pony, a concept, or both. Right now I have a both and a pony. I wonder what else I can get?

How's this? Blueblood is looking for some kind of quick fix to repair his reputation.

I don't think even SS can give him that. :rainbowlaugh:

8168190 Actually, I've already thought of a possible method. I'm curious to see how Weaver would do it, though.

I'm just messin' around. :derpytongue2:
I actually saw someone write a very good story about Blueblood being a great guy in reality, but only acted like a d***, so it's definitely possible for him to be written in a better light.

8168154 here, how about if the stripey one wants to find the perfect birthday present for his daughter...

What about an elderly pony wanting to feel young again?

*107 year old stallion comes in*

"I want a body of a 17 year old."


*Walks out of the store with his 107 year old head on top of a 17 year old body*

8168369 No no.

*Walks out carrying the body of a 17 year old and is promptly arrested.*

Poor Globe Trotter...

I also take it we have Sunshine to blame for all the ability shops from the HIE anime character crossovers.

What about a mother wanting his son to be as she wants him to be because he is not getting good grades at school or something. Give her like vitamins or something......hoo hoo it could be Botton Masch's mother. that should be fun.

I'm intrigued. Hmm... ideas... Maybe Silver Spoon could come in, looking for a sense of fulfillment deeper than what her Cutie Mark can grant.

I was wondering why this wasn't tagged as being 2nd person. Then I got to the end and it made sense. Delicious, delicious sense.

Here's a fun one: Chrysalis wants her changelings to be loyal to her again and/or for Starlight to suffer.

Derpy might drop bye
She has a problem with her eye

Enter one Flim and Flam
They are always looking to pull a scam

Twilight wanders in looking for books
She is surprised what she finds in the shops crannys and nooks

The stallion narrating the first chapter was named Needful Things, wasn't he?

How about... The Dazzlings mange to sneak their way back into Equestria, and want their magic back...

... and while they regain the ability to feed on dark magic, fly, and what not, it costs them their voices. They end up with the magic needed to mesmerize people and spread discord, but they can't actually use the magic as they still can't sing.

This premise reminds me of a book series I read about five to seven years back.

The protagonist is currently going through some sort of conflict (either external or internal) and usually takes a walk to escape their troubles. This leads to them stumbling upon a shop wherein they are drawn to. After perusing, the protagonist finds an object he/she feels connected to. This leads to an exchange with the manager and his familiar (cat?), both of whom take whatever the protagonist gives them (be it spare change or marbles and lint). The protagonist then usually uses their newly acquired object to solve the conflict short-term, only for an even bigger conflict to arise, consequentially due to the object bought.

Anyway, just wanted to throw this out there in case someone happens to remember the name of this series, as this fic made me fondly remember it.

Perhaps a genderswap? I want to see you work with that. Im intrigued

Huh. Was this somehow influenced by Foamy's Frappucino story? Our "Heroine" did run a similar establishment there, by the same name, so I'm wondering on the associaction.

You've got it backwards. Spells and Sparkles first appeared in Sharktavia 9, which is where FOME got it from. This is me expanding on the concept.

There's a large number of missing hyphens and other typos;





As much as I love The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday as a storytelling device, I feel like this opening is a little on the bland side.

"You'd be amazed how many of these things there are," she says with a grin.

And every last one of them is occupied...
Talk about horror. Life imprisonment in solitary confinement, in a snow-globe. Maybe that's how Carrier of Heartbreak's the-globe-trotter started out.

*Reads Comments*

OH! POV is from a Globe person... Do they all live together, in a little globe village?

Was looking all Fallout. found Sunny Smiles, and thought the names were the same.

Interesting if she supplies the Enchanted Comics Shop... That is, if she's even a pony, instead of something else...

Eheh I don't get it :twilightblush: Why do you think it wasn't tagged 2nd person? Is it cuz this sets up the audience perspective as being from a snow globe in future chapters?

I'd love it if Spoiled Rich came in, looking for a way to not have to deal with "lesser ponies" anymore, resulting in her getting sent to Tartarus forever.

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