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This story is a sequel to The 7th Element. Season 1: The Magi-Tech Pony

After a disastrous night at the Grand Galloping Gala, Gadget and Midnight just want to sit back and relax for a while. But royal duty call's and the two are soon swept up into a political game of cat and mouse. And to make thing's worse the king of chaos himself is soon unleashed upon Equestria. To complicate matter's, even more, a new and mysterious threat is making its presence known. Ponies are disappearing only to be found later with odd memories and behaviors. Can Gadget and his friend's find a way to stop this new threat before it can take over Equestria from within?

Holy CRAP!!! I GOT FEATURED!!!! I never thought that would happen. 07/08/2016

Wow, several years later and it got featured again! 04/04/2019

Chapters (12)

Gadget is a human from earth that has been dumped into Equestria due to a cosmic entity. Now he has to live out the rest of his life in the body of a Changeling. With no knowledge of what he is or how to get home he will have to embark on a long and difficult journey to find his place in this strange new world.

Rated Teen For Gore, Violence, Some Strong Language and Slight Sexual References.

Chapters (30)
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