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Keep on reading and writing my fellow pony fan's and rest easy knowing that I'm hard at work writing up more fun pony fiction for you all to enjoy!


Yes, I'm working on it, and other projects. · 3:03am May 4th

Well folks it's time to revisit some old favorites of ours. It's been a while but everyone's favorite thestral princess and human turned changeling will be returning real soon. I am also working on the next chapter of the Equilibrium Universe. And just so I can get all of the silliness out of my system I'm working on a new story dedicated to cringe. See you all later and have a good night.

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Another Sneak Peak. · 1:08am April 20th

This is a sneak peak of the prologue for the next book in the Equilibrium Saga, enjoy.

"We hunt those bastards down and kill them. Slowly, painfully, and then we get our human back." She said as she took to her magic using some of John's leftover blood, began to weave a spell into the very air itself.

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A Sneak Peak. · 3:52pm Nov 7th, 2019

So bad news and good news. Bad news, my computer died and took all my writing with it. Good news I've had it backed up on G-Drive. More good news I've found a new portable computer that I can use in the mean time. Also here's a sneak peak of book two. Enjoy!

"But how is that possible?" Aion asked as Discord merely grinned at the colt's naivety.

"Simple my dear boy." Aion looked confused. Discord continued, his sly grin never leaving his face.

"You are the second nexus."

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An Update. · 4:04pm Oct 12th, 2019

Well I'm not dead. Yay... but sadly I've been swamped with work. And it looks like I'm about to get a whole lot more heaped onto me sometime in the near future as well. So I will make every effort I can to get some writing done for the last few chapters of Equilibrium and see if I can get those up and out of the way. Then I shall go back to the drawing board and work on book 2. If fact I think I'd actually like to outline my future stories from now on. So yeah there you all go. I'm alive aaand

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This is a Breaking News Update!!!! · 4:30pm Apr 30th, 2019

So work has been grooling. Several 12 hour shifts 3 days in a row is never a good recipe for a productive mind. So the next should be out sometime tonight. I get off at my normal scheduled time of nine so I'll have plenty of time to work on the next chapter. Also already planning out the second story and I have a definitive idea for a spin off story that I'd like to get done but with my work schedule I'd be better off pitching the idea out there for one of you to write, if anyone is interested

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So Close I Can Taste It!!! · 12:00am Apr 24th, 2019

Well folks there are only 4 more chapters to go. Sadly i wont be able to work on them until this comeing Thursday. But when I do work on them that'll be it. This story will be finished and I can start work on my next project, Book 2, The Figment Paradox.

Also I'll be taking applications for ideas for my gag fix coming out later this year, The Worst Fanfiction Ever! so get those fingers going and tell me what things you hate the most when it coms to fanfiction.

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The End Is In Sight. · 2:39pm Apr 19th, 2019

7 Chapters. That how many that are left until this story comes to an end. This has been without a doubt the best ride I've ever been on in terms of writing folks. I hope you've also had a great time going along with me on this ride. For those who are sad to see this story and I might as well tell you that this is not the end for this saga. There are still at least two-eight more books for me to do in this subject alone and apart from that I'm also going to start to work on my own original

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About my Worst Fanfiction Ever! Story. · 3:44pm Apr 15th, 2019

I have to go back to the drawing board so I can add a few more things to the story. Such as,

Crossovers with various other franchises.

Adding in an obserdly overpowered self insert to go along with all of the other overpowered characters.

One Punch Man.


Any other characters you'd like to see?

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Sorry for the huge delay guys! · 5:41am Apr 13th, 2019

So as you guys may or may not know I have a new job. So yeah I've been busy for eight hours a day five days a week. And i've been swamped. So yeah I might have to readjust my upload schedule.

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Also Book 2 Has A Name! · 2:00pm Apr 10th, 2019

Just Google the words Figment & Paradox, that'll give you something to salivate over while we reach the climax of Book 1.

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